Coronation Street's Bethany, and in a bubble is Daisy

Coronation Street: Bethany exposing Daisy fraud at dinner party was a hard watch, fans complain

Fans have failed to defend Bethany's actions

During last night’s episode of Coronation Street (Tuesday, April 2), Bethany attended Daisy’s dinner party and soon started questioning her clothing choices.

She then brought up the subject of Stephen’s journal, accusing Daisy of taking the stolen Underworld money.

Corrie fans have now failed to get behind Bethany, unhappy with her behaviour during these scenes.

Coronation Street's Bethany is animated
Bethany brought out Stephen’s journal (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Bethany tried to expose Daisy’s fraud

Bethany turned up at the Rovers yesterday and offered to help Daisy with the prepping of the meal for their dinner party.

However, she soon turned up the temperature of the oven so that Daisy’s apple pie would burn.

When Daisy nipped out to buy another apple pie, Bethany took the time to go through her things and find Stephen’s journal.

She then attended the gathering and confronted Daisy over her ‘charity shop’ clothing. It wasn’t long after this that Bethany brought out Stephen’s journal and accused Daisy of stealing Carla’s money.

Daisy made out that she’d only taken the journal so that Jenny could get answers over why Stephen did what he did. Daniel then apologised and took Bethany home.

Coronation Street's Bethany is raising a glass
Fans don’t like Bethany’s attitude (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans blast Bethany Platt’s behaviour

Corrie fans have condemned Bethany for her behaviour during the dinner party. They’re fed up of her sticking her nose into places where she’s unwanted.

One fan commented: “If Bethany spoke to me like she spoke to Daniel she’d be out on her ear!”

Another fan exclaimed: “Bethany didn’t exactly handle that well. And, I don’t know why she didn’t take the journal with her!”

A third viewer contributed: “I used to like Bethany but can she just leave my Daisy alone? You got her man, what else do you want?”

A final person finished: “I really dislike Bethany, really hope Daisy smacks her into next week!”


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Bethany looks through Daisy's things on Corrie
Carla finds out the truth! (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Will anyone believe Bethany?

Ryan informed Carla about Bethany’s accusations last night which gave her some food for thought.

Later this week, Carla confronts Jenny and finally finds out the truth about the stolen money! But, what will happen next?

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