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Casualty spoilers tonight: What’s happening on Saturday, June 12 2021

An accusation is made against Rosa

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Casualty spoilers for tonight reveal Ollie is brought back into the ED and Rash is determined to get to the cause of his illness.

Meanwhile Fenisha learns of Ethan’s real feelings, but what will she do?

All this and more in tonight’s Casualty.

Casualty spoilers: Rash figures out what’s wrong with Ollie?

Ollie comes back into the ED (Credit: BBC)

Ollie is brought back into the Emergency Department with mysterious symptoms, Rash is determined to try and get a diagnosis.

As he tries to get to the bottom of what is making Ollie unwell he grows concerned that his symptoms could be to do with something he has ingested and orders a tox screen.

Meanwhile things aren’t how they seem with Rosa.

Having lied about attending a course that morning, her odd behaviour starts to catch David’s attention.

Rosa is acting odd (Credit: BBC)

She later makes a questionable move when she sneaks Ollie out of the hospital on his request to get hot chocolate.

However she’s shocked when Ollie immediately vomits after taking a sip.

Afterwards Rash becomes even more convinced Rosa has something to do with Ollie’s illness, but doesn’t know how to broach is with the family.

Rosa accused of poisoning Ollie

David is horrified when Rash explains he thinks Rosa could be poisoning Ollie (Credit: BBC)

Rash goes to Matthew for a second opinion, but this seemingly confirms his suspicions.

Matthew also mentions that the culprit would have to have some degree of medical knowledge, further affirming Rash’s suspicions.

Rash is left unsure what to do next, but Rosa soon admits that she cooked Ollie’s breakfast that morning, just before he began to present symptoms.

What is causing Ollie’s illness?

Will Rash figure out what’s wrong? (Credit: ITV)

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When David notes Rash’s decisions, he demands to know what’s going on. David is horrified when Rash explains he thinks Rosa could be poisoning Ollie.

He soon lashes out and his thoughts turn to Rosa’s late son Gabriel and he becomes uncertain.

David wants to believe his wife’s innocence but when he sees her forcing Ollie to drink water he’s unsettled.

Soon David’s emotions get the better of him and he publicly accuses Rosa of poisoning Ollie.

Ethan drops Bohdi

Fenisha is horrified when Ethan suffers a chorea episode from his Huntington’s and drops baby Bohdi (Credit: BBC)

Ethan is still struggling to tell Fenisha how he feels and encourages her to spend time with Matthew, leaving her more confused than ever.

Soon Fenisha takes his advice and asks Matthew out for dinner.

As he spends time with Fenisha at the ambulance station Ethan is terrified when he suffers a chorea episode from his Huntington’s and drops baby Bohdi.

Fenisha is hysterical and rushes her son to the ED. Meanwhile Ethan is left feeling guilty about dropping his child.

Bohdi is checked over and is fine, but Fenisha is left feeling anxious about leaving the tot alone with his dad.

She ends up cancelling her plans with Matthew and throws herself into work.

Fenisha learns the truth

Ethan is horrified when he hears Fenisha risked her life (Credit: BBC)

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She heads out to a construction site to help a mum and baby. However Ethan is horrified when he hears Fenisha risked her own life to help them.

He warns her not to be so reckless and Fenisha is left frustrated, but soon she has a conversation with Rash, who tells her about Ethan’s true feelings for her.

Fenisha reels as she realises Ethan is in love with her. Will she still pursue things with Matthew?

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