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Rebekah Vardy trial: Brits all make same complaint about cost of Coleen Rooney lawsuit

'More money than sense'

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The Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney trial has been making headlines here in the UK over the past couple of weeks.

But it appears Brits have had enough of the warring WAGs embroiled in the Wagatha Christie court case.

And now they’re all making the same complaint about the amount of money being spent on the trial.

Rebekah Vardy and jamie arrive at the trial
Jamie Vardy accompanied wife Rebekah at the trial yesterday (Credit: Splash News)

Rebekah Vardy trial: Coleen goes to war

The WAGS have found themselves in court after Rebekah brought a libel case against Coleen following her notorious Wagatha Christie accusations.

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As the ladies battle it out in a high-cost court case, their husbands have been in court supporting them.

After Brits made jokes about the court artist’s sketches of the foursome, they have now taken to social media to complain about the costs associated with the cause.

And they all have the same idea about how the money could be better spent.

Brits react to Wagatha Christie costs

Posting on social media, Brits declared the women “should be ashamed of themselves” for taking their argument to trial.

“They really should be ashamed of themselves, making media lawyers rich and wasting all that money on something so childish and trivial,” said one.

“Who cares what she said or what she said, tit for tat, pathetic,” they added.

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Another agreed: “Got nothing else to spend their money on pathetic prats.”

“What a waste of money this count case is. Grow up ladies. Making themselves look like idiots, said another.

“Absolutely disgusting all of this. Too much money, what a disgrace. Get a real life in the real world,” another urged.

Wayne and Coleen Rooney leaving court
Coleen – with husband Wayne – is in court with Rebekah Vardy (Credit: Splash News)

‘Lost for words’

“These two should be ashamed. There are people who can’t feed and keep their children warm ,and they are wasting all that money on lawyers. I’m lost for words,” said another.

“Instead of this childish playground argument who said and did what, money spent on the trial would have been better given to charity,” said another.

They could spend their time and money wisely give something back to those in need.

“They could spend their time and money wisely give something back to those in need,” said another who then urged: “Come on girls you can do so much better.”

“More money than sense, the pair of them!!!!” another declared.

“Grow up and get in the real world, they would have been better donating all this costs to a worthy cause,” they added.

“There are certainly far more important thing’s going on in the world than their silly cat fight. Grow up and put your money to better use – there are a lot of charities that would benefit from the amount they are spending on this trial!” another slammed.

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