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Michelle Keegan branded Mark Wright ‘a liar’ over Valentine’s Day fib: ‘She was gobsmacked but I don’t think it was a bad thing’

Let's see if he's learnt his lesson this year…

Mark Wright has revealed Michelle Keegan once branded him a “liar” after finding out he’d told porkies over a Valentine’s Day meal he said he’d cooked.

Speaking on his Heart FM show, Mark shared intimate details of the couple’s second Valentine’s Day together.

He said the first year, 2013, Michelle cooked him a delicious rack of lamb. And, come 2014, he was determined to go all out with lobster. However, after looking into how difficult it was to get right, Mark sorted a cheeky little cheat…

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright posing on the Brit Awards red carpet
Michelle Keegan found out husband Mark Wright after he lied about cooking her a Valentine’s dinner (Credit: Cover Images)

Mark Wright on Valentine’s lie to Michelle Keegan

Mark revealed: “We like to stay in on Valentine’s Day. I don’t know what it is, but you go out Valentine’s night, it’s so crowded. It’s all a little bit gushy and I’m a bit of a romantic I have to admit, but we just like to stay and keep it low-key.”

He then told the tale of their first February 14 together, and branded his now-wife an “amazing cook”. “By the way, she is honestly the best cook. I sometimes don’t even go out for dinner because the restaurant can’t compare.  She cooked me a rack of lamb. It was the best rack of lamb I’ve ever had. So I was like: ‘Right, next Valentine’s Day I’ve got to do it for her.'”

“It should be me,” he added. “The man should be treating the woman. I believe in my in my old-fashioned ways that it should be that way.”

Mark went on: “So the year after I thought, right she’s working late. This is a great chance for me to cook something special but how do I beat a rack of lamb? Lobster!

“I Googled how to cook a good lobster and I read how hard it is to get it good because it can turn very tough, rubbery. So what I did now, I would say this isn’t a bad thing because God loves a tryer. But I went to a restaurant that I knew and I asked them to prepare me a lobster that I just literally need to put in the oven for a certain amount of minutes. Bring it out done.”

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Michelle was ‘gobsmacked’

With the lobster served and a glass of red wine poured, Mark said Fool Me Once star Michelle was seriously impressed with his efforts.

“She was gobsmacked, but it was that good she was like: ‘There’s no way you cooked this,’ and was like: ‘I did.'”

But Mark was soon caught, as he explained: “The next morning she woke up, came into the room and she said: ‘Mark you’re a liar!’ She found the bag from the restaurant that I stupidly put in the bin. So basically, I got clocked!”

Defending himself, Mark added: “I don’t think that’s a bad thing. At least I tried and she still loved the meal. But maybe I shouldn’t have lied and said that I cooked it.”

She clearly forgave him, because the couple got married the following year and look happier than ever!

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