However, she admits that in spite of soap not being her first choice of career, she’s glad she found the fame she had at the time as it opened up doors for her.

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“​I j​ust thank my lucky stars really, ​that ​I made a name for myself​ a​t a time ​even though it was a soap​, where it​ was a little frowned upon​ and not at all considered highbrow​, I took the job at the time because I needed the money,” she says.

“I didn’t have that affordable luxury to say I am just going to wait to perform at the National Theatre.

“And I had to ​earn money

“But you do have that investment in you because you only had four major channels, there was no reality TV, and I was so lucky​ ​I went on to do other things. And the audience followed me.”

Martine releases her album Lost And Found next month.