Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford forced to interrupt “awkward” debate on This Morning

The duo were joined by Sonia and Shona who had VERY different opinions

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Eamonn Holmes and wife Ruth Langsford spoke to Shona Sibary and Sonia Poulton on Wednesday’s This Morning to debate the topic of topless sunbathing.

Sonia and Shona, who had completely different views on the controversial topic, went head-to-head in the fiery chat.

Sonia explained that she doesn’t see anything wrong with topless bathing, arguing that if men can walk around topless why can’t women.

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Having a completely opposite view, Shona said it is inappropriate for women to walk around semi-naked.

Starting off the debate Sonia made her point very clear saying: “The argument itself is outdated. Two days ago I was walking my dog in the morning and two men bounced past me topless.

“I thought if that was two women…it’s sexist to suggest that it’s ok for men to be topless and not women.”

An equally as fiery Shona then interrupted: “I’m sorry but that is ridiculous!

“Would you be happy for your daughter to be on a sun lounger in a family resort next to my husband with his genitals out?”

A passionate Sonia hit back stating: “That is not the debate. Let’s stick with the debate, it’s simple – is it ok to sunbathe topless on family holidays.”

Presenter Ruth said: “But you are comparing it to men sunbathing topless but the top of a man’s body isn’t considered to be sexualised.”

Sonia was quick to interrupt the host adding: “And that’s the problem. A body is not only sexual it’s functional.

“The problem is that we’ve not only objectified women, we’ve sexualised them.”

The chat then continued to heat up even further as Eamonn, 57, jumped in asking Sonia what she thought of Page 3 modelling.

Struggling to get a word in he said: “Excuse me Sonia, can I just say something.

“I presume you would be against Page 3, you would see that as sexualisation?”

Clearly not happy with his remarks, Sonia replied: “Why did you make that assumption?

“I am pro whatever a woman wants to do. If a woman wants to do that that’s absolutely fine.”

The debate continued with Sonia and Shona firing their opinions back and fourth to each other.

Managing to squeeze a word in between Sonia and Shona’s argument Strictly Come Dancing star Ruth said: “[Breasts] are considered a sexual part of a woman’s body by men.

“Eamonn asked me before we came on where I stood on this. I have no problem with women sunbathing topless however in a family resort men can’t help but look at naked breasts, no matter how much self control they have.

“If I was sunbathing and a woman was very close to our family topless Eamonn would either be feeling very awkward and trying to look away or if he was looking I would have an issue with it.”

Sonia fired back: “My behaviour can’t be affected just because a man gets an arousal. That’s not my business that’s his business.”

Shona then interrupted once again and the two started bickering and talking over each other.

Sonia accused Shona of “living in the dark ages” while Shona branded Sonia “selfish”.

Presenting duo Ruth and Eamonn then attempted to calm them both down to defuse the spat.

The topic also sparked debate with viewers watching from home.

One tweeted: “Women should be able to sunbathe topless wherever the hell they want, if you don’t like it, just don’t look.”

While another agreed with Shona writing: “I feel uncomfortable when seeing topless sunbathers, I also can’t stop staring when I do see them.”

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Others were just amused by Sonia and Shona’s debate and praised Eamonn and Ruth for keeping their cool.

One added: “Hilarious watching this morning, arguing about topless sunbathing.”

“I CANNOT stand that Shona woman. She’s making me want to go topless just to annoy her,” another ranted.

One viewer said: “Well that debate was the most awkward thing I’ve seen live on TV in ages.. constant bloody arguing!”

“This debate @thismorning. Love how down to earth @EamonnHolmes @ruthlangsford are – handling it very well,” another added.

Rebecca Carter
Associate Editor (News)

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