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The Traitors series 2: New spin-off show announced as Ed Gamble confirmed as host

He promises to be '100% faithful'

With The Traitors series 2 finally hitting screens in January 2024, the BBC has revealed a major format overhaul – including a brand-new host.

But fans of Claudia Winkleman have nothing to worry about, as our favourite fringed star isn’t going anywhere.

Instead, the creators of the show have recruited comedian Ed Gamble to host a brand new spin-off show.

Ed, 37, will present a “visual podcast” named The Traitors: Uncloaked, which will air on BBC Two.

The Traitors
The Traitors is returning for a second series in January 2024 (Credit: BBC)

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A post on X – formerly known as Twitter – reveals the show will feature exclusive interviews with the murdered and banished contestants and will show the moment they find out who the Traitors are.

The Traitors series 2: New visual podcast

The Off Menu host said of his new job: “The first series of The Traitors was my absolute obsession. I cannot wait to delve deep into series 2 and dissect all the twists and turns it has to offer. It goes without saying that I am 100% faithful.”

A producer from Studio Lambert, who creates the show, has said they have had to come up with fresh ideas so new competitors are not able to have learned how to play the game from the first series.

They said: “They’re going to come to us with pre-planned ideas of the way they think it’s going to go. Obviously it’s our job to make sure that they’re always kept on their toes and they don’t know what’s around every corner.”

Ed Gamble
Podcaster Ed Gamble will host a new spin-off show named The Traitors: Uncloaked (Credit: BBC)

How The Traitors works

Of course, the format of the show will mainly stay the same as the iconic first series.

A small group of Traitors work together to “murder” Faithfuls all while trying to remain undetected.

The group meets every night to vote who they think is a Traitor, “banishing” one contestant before discovering if they are a Faithful or, indeed, a Traitor.

Meanwhile, both Traitors and Faithfuls are working together to build the show’s prize fund.

If any Traitors remain at the end of the series, they steal the entire prize fund from the remaining Faithfuls.

Last year’s show saw Faithfuls Hannah Byczkowski, Meryl Jones Williams and Aaron Evans win in a tense final banishment after choosing to eliminate Traitor Wilfred Webster at the last moment.

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