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The Inheritance episode 2 on Channel 5: Eight burning questions we have after watching

So. Many. Suspects.

The Inheritance continued this week with episode 2, and we’re beginning to think this might just be the best thriller Channel 5 has ever produced.

While the scripts of Danny Dyer’s Heat, Ross Kemp’s Blindspot and Amanda Abbington’s Desperate Measures didn’t quite live up to their starry casts, The Inheritance is shaping up to be a cracker. Once you get past the copycat Succession-style credits, that is!

Episode 2 of The Inheritance on Channel 5 saw Dennis’ death become the subject of an official police investigation. Although Detective Sergeant Morris didn’t seem in much of a rush to point fingers.

Meanwhile, the three siblings continued their desperate search to find their dad’s original will, and Daniel (Rob James-Collier) got himself in hot water with local thug Glen…

Here are all the questions we have after watching the gripping thriller.

***Warning: spoilers from episode 2 of The Inheritance on Channel 5 ahead***

The Inheritance cast on Channel 5
The Inheritance is a gripping thriller with a pretty amazing cast (Credit: Channel 5)

Was Dennis murdered? Who killed him?

We still don’t know if Dennis was murdered or killed himself (one way or another). Although a suspicious death is looking more and more likely.

His children insist he didn’t drink much, so how could he have died of alcohol asphyxiation? But then, these are the same kids who didn’t know he’d had a 14-year affair, partly behind the back of his cancer-stricken wife.

While dad Dennis (Larry Lamb) could have died of natural causes, it’s unlikely. This is a Channel 5 domestic thriller, after all. And he had bioethanol in his body… More likely is that one of the siblings is responsible. Quite frankly, they are all acting a bit dodgy apart from Sian… Which probably means it’s her.

Chloe is all kinds of suspicious, as is her husband Pete, played by Adil Ray, who seems as suspicious as they come. Obviously Daniel has some alarming money problems, and cannot be trusted one bit.

There’s also Susan herself, who stands to gain the most from Dennis’ death, while her ex-husband Michael had revenge as a motive. Frankly, at this point, we don’t even trust the walls.

The Inheritance episode 2 on Channel 5: What is Chloe hiding?

We know youngest sibling Chloe (Jemima Rooper) is hiding something. She may come across as the most naive of the bunch, but that’s far from the truth. Unlike her siblings, Chloe knew about her father’s affair with Susan.

During a hushed discussion with her creepy husband, he asked her: “Are you going to tell the others? All of it.” Later in The Inheritance episode 2 on Channel 5, viewers saw Chloe finally find her dad’s last will and testament. So why didn’t she tell Daniel she’d found it?

Hints have led us to believe that Chloe was the favoured golden child, so could she have been the sole beneficiary of the will?

Jemima Rooper in tears as her character Chloe in The Inheritance
Jemima Rooper in tears as her character Chloe attends her dad’s cremation in The Inheritance (Credit: Channel 5)

What does Dennis’ original will and testament say?

Chloe found Dennis’ original will and testament, but we still don’t know what it says. Although an increasingly desperate Daniel is confident he stands to get a fair share of Dennis’ estate, we do know they weren’t that close.

Dennis changed the will shortly before he died, and left everything to his new wife Susan (Samantha Bond). But why? Was he really thinking clearly? And if he never handed the original will to a solicitor, does it even count?

The Inheritance episode 2 on Channel 5: How will Daniel pay back the £20,000?

Daniel is in hot water with Sian’s aggressive ex Glen after borrowing £20,000 to help with his struggling restaurant. However, with his inheritance in jeopardy, it’s unlikely he’ll be able to pay it back anytime soon.

Glen is now demanding that Daniel help him to see his estranged son Charlie – despite there being a restraining order in place. How far will Daniel go to appease Glen? As side plots go, this is a good one.

We know Glen is following Sian, and has seen her with her new fella Nathan. Just me who doesn’t want Glen to harm a single hair on Nathan’s rather gorgeous head?

Gaynor Faye as Sian in The Inheritance
Gaynor Faye as the eldest sibling Sian in The Inheritance (Credit: Channel 5)

Did Michael shoot himself?

At the end of The Inheritance episode 2 on Channel 5, Michael appeared to turn his gun on himself and pull the trigger… Guilty conscience, or prepared to die with his secrets?

Michael had a pretty good motive to kill Dennis, after he stole his wife… But why now? He also had a stash of bioethanol on his property – the substance found in Dennis’ body. So if the drugs that killed Dennis were found at his house, surely he’s a prime suspect?

Not to mention the payments Dennis was making to Micheal’s company. Dennis transferred £15,000 into the account over a period of 16 months. But Michael swears he doesn’t use the company name anymore. And the money hasn’t been withdrawn. Could Michael’s ex-wife Susan have coerced Dennis to transfer the money to withdraw at a later date?

The plot thickens!

The Inheritance episode 2 on Channel 5: How can Susan live with herself?

Is Susan a goodie or a baddie, it’s hard to tell at this point. But you’d have to be a cold-hearted bitch not to have sympathy for Dennis’ kids. I mean why should Susan get all of their mum’s jewellery? What decent person would allow their spouse to cut their kids out of their will?

She seems to know a lot more about Dennis’ kids than they know about her, too, so perhaps he had good reason to cut them out of his will? We hope all will be revealed in the subsequent two episodes.

One thing we know for sure, though, is that Susan continued her affair with Dennis after his wife was diagnosed with cancer. So we’re pretty sure she won’t be winning The Nobel Peace Prize any time soon…

Samantha Bond as Susan in The Inheritance
Goodie or baddie? Samantha Bond as Susan in The Inheritance (Credit: Channel 5)

Why do all the kids have different accents?

The cast on The Inheritance is cracking, but we have one complaint… How can they explain the kids’ different accents? Daniel is clearly from Manchester, via the Gallagher brothers’ living room. Sian is from Yorkshire, and Chloe’s got lost somewhere in between.

All this from a Cockney dad? Answers on a postcard please.

The Inheritance episode 2 on Channel 5: Could this be Channel 5’s best TV drama to date?

Despite the baffling accents, The Inheritance is proving to be a brilliant series. Like all decent crime dramas, there are plenty of suspects, tonnes of secrets and everyone is lying. At the heart is a family who aren’t as close as they say they are.

This is the first Channel 5 drama we’ve wanted to binge watch. Sadly they are making us wait for it, though!

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The Inheritance episode 3 airs on Monday, September 18, 2023 at 9pm on Channel 5.

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