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The I’m A Celebrity contestants who’ve shown the most star power in their Bushtucker Trials

These celebs made their campmates proud by returning with all the stars

I’m A Celebrity is known for its thrilling trials that have viewers clinging to the edge of their seats.

In order to win meals for camp, the celebs have to collect as many stars as they can in the gruelling trials.

And, with this year’s trials well underway, here are the celebrities who were the most successful and won all the stars in theirs.

This year’s campmates could learn a thing or two…

Joe Swash
Joe Swash faced The Tower of Terror (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity trials: Joe Swash takes on The Tower of Terror

Joe Swash conquered the Tower of Terror back in 2008 and won all six stars.

As well as having to wear an embarrassing blue leotard, Joe faced his fears and climbed 100ft in order to win meals for camp.

He also had to walk three planks and shimmy across two poles on his journey to the top.

Joe collected six out of six stars and later went on to be crowned King of the Jungle.

Helen Flanagan
Helen Flanagan won all 12 stars in the Deadly Delivery Bushtucker Trial (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity trials: Deadly Delivery

Helen Flanagan didn’t have much luck in jungle as she was the public’s favourite vote for the Bushtucker Trials.

The actress wasn’t very successful in previous trials as she was prone to being freaked out by critters.

In the trial she had to put her head in boxes filled with horrible critters, including pythons and lizards.

However, this time she finally delivered and won all 12 stars.

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Jake Quickenden takes on The Critter Cube

Jake Quickenden had great success in The Critter Cube Bushtucker Trial in 2014.

The singer had to participate in The Cube-like challenges in order to win 10 stars for camp.

In one of the challenges Jake had to transfer 20 raw pig testicles from one bowl to another using only his mouth.

Jake passed the challenges with ease and won all 10 stars.

Brian Friedman
Brian Friedman took on The Critter Shop of Horrors (Credit: ITV)

The Critter Shop of Horrors

Brian Friedman tackled The Critter Shop of Horrors Bushtucker Trial back in 2015.

In the trial, the A -ist choreographer became a pet shop owner for the day as he completed tasks that involved moving a series of pesky critters.

At one point he even had to move five large pythons from one tank to the next.

Brian completed the tasks and managed to win all 12 stars for camp.

Joel Dommett
Joel Dommett faces his fear of heights in The Great Ascent (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity trials: The Great Ascent

Joel Dommett faced his fears in 2016 during The Great Ascent Bushtucker Trial.

In order to win 10 stars for camp, the comedian had to climb 100ft and set off the bright yellow flares.

Despite heights being his worst fear, Joel smashed it and won all 10 stars.

John Barrowman
John Barrowman went for a swim in the Scary Rose Bushtucker trial (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity: Scary Rose

John Barrowman sailed to victory in 2018 as he won all 10 stars in the Scary Rose Bushtucker Trial.

John only had 10 minutes to dive into a ship filled with water and find 10 stars.

But of course, John wasn’t alone.

The actor had to swim alongside crocodiles, crabs and water dragons in the dark depths of the water.

Jacqueline Jossa
Jacqueline Jossa was covered in critters in the Celebrities Assemble trial (Credit: ITV)

Celebrities Assemble

In the 19th series of I’m A Celebrity, Jacqueline Jossa, Andy Whyment and Kate Garraway collected nine out of nine stars for camp.

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In the Bushtucker Trial, Jacqueline was brought up 100ft in the air and the mission was for Andy and Kate to save her while collecting stars.

When her team collected all the stars, the glass box holding Jacqueline opened up and she bungee jumped down.


Shane Richie and Jessica Plumber
Jessica Plummer downed nasty drinks in Sickening Stalls (Credit: ITV)

Sickening Stalls

During last year’s series, EastEnders stars Shane Richie and Jessica Plummer were voted to take part in the Sickening Stalls trial.

The trial was centred around drinking a range of horrible drinks that consisted of blended critters and even a pig’s vagina.

The pair struggled to keep the drinks down and at one point Jessica even vomited, but they managed to win all 12 stars.

We don’t reckon they much fancied dinner after that, though!

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