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Sort Your Life Out viewers left heartbroken over sad death as Stacey Solomon offers support to family

So sad

Viewers of Stacey Solomon‘s Sort Your Life Out were left heartbroken last night after learning of a family’s tragedy.

A devastating death had led to some major changes in the family’s life – and they were clearly still reeling from it.

Venicia and Elisha on Sort Your Life Out
Venicia and Elisha had endured some tragedy (Credit: BBC)

Heartbreak for family on Sort Your Life Out

Last night’s edition of Sort Your Life Out saw Stacey Solomon help a family of seven transform their home.

Viewers met Venicia and Elisha, their sons Elisha, Zechariah, and Josh, and their daughter, Faith. They also met Venicia’s little brother, Samuel, who moved in with the family two years ago following his mother’s death.

Samuel and Venicia’s mum died aged just 47 – and the family were still reeling from the tragedy.

“My mum was diagnosed with cancer, she had to go into a hospice, and that’s when she passed away from Covid,” Venicia explained.

“We weren’t allowed to see her. So it was really, really difficult. Life doesn’t stop when there’s death. Just make everyone comfortable and forget about everything else.”

Samuel on Sort Your Life Out
Samuel lost his mum to Covid (Credit: BBC)

Emotional moments on Sort Your Life Out

Samuel then spoke about the major changes to his life following the death of his mum.

“I moved in here because my mum sadly passed away. I had to come somewhere,” he said. “The hardest part for me has been getting along with everyone.”

Elisha then continued: “The plans for the house moved to the back of the list. It wasn’t as important as his health. As his wellbeing. As making sure that he’s okay.”

Later in the episode, while decluttering the house, Samuel found photos of his mum. This then led to a tearful Venicia opening up.

“My mum had me when she was 16. We were 16 years apart. We were like sisters,” she sobbed.

“I think Venicia put these walls up and keep going, making sure she keeps herself distracted, not taking a second to think about the trauma. I think she’s finally ready to face it,” Stacey later said.

Stacey Solomon on Sort Your Life Out
Fans of the show praised Stacey (Credit: BBC)

Viewers heartbroken

Emotional viewers took to Twitter during and after the show to react to the family’s plight. Some praised Stacey for helping them so much.

Tonight’s episode touched my heart, what a lovely family. I understand what they’re going through, as I lost my parents, the couple are so caring,” one BBC One viewer tweeted. 

Crying my eyes out at this week’s #SortYourLifeOut,” another said. 

“I knew Stacey Solomon would help me get organised again. Very emotional episode today. Somebody grieving and having a mad house sorting session. Obviously, this resonated with me,” a third wrote.

#SortYourLifeOut has me crying, this lovely family taking in her baby brother as her Mum passed away. The pain people carry,” another said.

“Omg what a sad story. So lovely of her to take her brother in ,” another viewer said. “So sad though their story…,” a sixth said.

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Sort Your Life Out continues on Thursday, September 28 at 8pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. 

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