Holly Willoughby mishears Phillip Schofield on This Morning as she’s convinced he swore pre-watershed

It did sound very suspicious!

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Holly Willoughby was left utterly stunned on today’s This Morning after thinking Phillip Schofield had dropped a naughty word live on air.

The pair were checking out men’s gift ideas for Christmas on Tuesday, one of which was a charades game featuring a huge inflatable man wearing sunglasses.

As part of the game, Steve Wilson asked Holly & Phil to guess what word the inflatable man was trying to act out.

At first, it was all fine, as Holly successfully guessed “thumb war” when Steve jiggled the plastic guy’s fingers.

But it all went downhill when Steve moved the inflatable man’s arms around in a jilting motion… prompting Phillip to shout out: “Clock!”

But it seems like Holly got the wrong end of the stick and thought he’d said something else. Remove the ‘L’ from clock and, well, you know what she thought she’d heard!

An utterly incredulous Holly replied: “What did you say?”

As Holly doubled over in a mix of shock and laughter, Phillip reassured her the word he’d said was “clock”.

“Oh my God,” said Holly, trying to get her composure back as the studio erupted in laughter.

Phil added: “Did you think I was resigning live on telly?”

“I wasn’t sure!” laughed Holly.

Defending himself, Phillip said he’d just been following the rules of the game.

“I just looked at the cards,” he said, picking one up and adding: “I’m glad we did’t do this one – gynaecology!”

“Yeah,” said Steve. “There was no way I could do that one!”

Holly then pointed out: “It does say 16+ on the box, so it’s going to be a bit naughty.”

The funny incident went down a storm with viewers, who took to social media to giggle over the situation – and admit they DID think Phil was resigning on live TV!

One tweeted: “Holly, you are NOT alone!!! I thought Phil was resigning on air too!”

Another said: “I also thought he said Clock without the L too!”


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Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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