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Pregnant Oti Mabuse will ‘take a bit of a break’ from work when her baby arrives

She's ready for the next phase in her life

Strictly Come Dancing star Oti Mabuse is due to welcome her first baby any day now and, when the little one arrives, she’s set to embrace motherhood and take a career break.

The professional dancer, 33,  who is expecting her first child with partner Marius Iepure, discussed how they would share domestic duties when the baby arrives.

Talking to HELLO!, Oti revealed her childcare plans for life with a newborn.

She said: “So what we’ve decided because I am still working [and] Marius is still working, is that when I’m with the baby, I’m with the baby, and when Dad is with the baby, Dad has got to dad – and we allow each other space to actually have those moments.”

Oti Mabuse is excited to become a mum
Oti Mabuse is expecting her first baby (Credit: YouTube)

Strictly star Oti Mabuse on not seeing her knees ‘for months’

Pregnancy has been tricky at times for Oti. She explained “there are certain things I can’t lift” and she said she hasn’t seen her knees “in like two months”.

Oti has struggled with SPD, or symphysis pubis dysfunction, during her pregnancy. It’s often diagnosed after complaints of pelvic pain during pregnancy. And, because she “physically can’t do” certain chores, Maruis has been stepping up his role at home.

She said: “For my relationship, it works pretty well. I’m not complaining. When it comes to the chores, my husband really steps up, and now he’s more ready than ever to take care of me, of the house, the baby, my family and of his family, because that responsibility lies on him as well.”

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‘I’m just trying to raise a healthy child’

Oti also reflected on her amazing career, and she’s more than happy for it to take a back seat when the baby arrives.

She added that she doesn’t know what will happen after she gives birth, that bit “excites” her.

“I think it’s the unknown because I generally don’t know what’s going to happen, and that I think excites me. And I get to share this experience with my husband, and it will be our experience and nobody else’s. I’m just trying to raise a healthy, beautiful child. I think that’s okay because my whole career is about me! I’ll take a little break for a bit,” she concluded.

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