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The My Mum Your Dad couples still together ‘confirmed’ as Davina McCall declares: ‘I really am Cupid!’

So who went the distance after the cameras stopped rolling?

The question on everybody’s lips last night after the final episode of My Mum Your Dad was which of the couples are still together?

Last night (September 22), ITV1 viewers watched as Roger and Janey, Paul and Natalie and Sharon and Elliott all got their kids’ blessing. Monique finally came to her senses, much to the delight of viewers, and ditched Martin M.

However, as the show was filmed back in May, have any of them actually lasted the distance? It seems like the answer is yes. Hurrah!

Roger and Janey holding hands on My Mum Your Dad
Roger and Janey are still together, according to reports (Credit: ITV)

My Mum Your Dad: Are any of the couples still together?

According to The Sun, at least two of the couples are still going strong.

Fans will be thrilled to hear that widower Roger has found lasting love with blonde beauty Janey. Roger entered the show, urged on by daughter Jess, 18 months after the death of his wife.

And, while viewers weren’t quite sure if he was ready to date again, sources suggest that Janey and her son William have been welcomed into Roger and Jess’ big family.

Sharon and Elliott speaking on My Mum Your Dad
Sharon and Elliott have gone the distance, according to reports (Credit: ITV)

Elsewhere, Elliott has reportedly knocked down all of Sharon’s walls and they have also stuck together.

Reports suggest they have proven to be strong on the outside – and his son Zach and her daughter Tia approve. Hurrah!

Elliott appeared to allude to the fact that he’s loved up with Sharon in an Instagram post after the show ended. One of his pals commented on a picture of Elliott with Sharon and said: “Ahhhh winning!” He replied: “Finally – it’s taken a long time.”

Paul and Natalie laughing on My Mum Your Dad
Paul and Natalie’s relationship status isn’t currently known (Credit: ITV)

What about Paul and Natalie?

Paul and Natalie were the most loved-up couple on My Mum Your Dad, getting together pretty much from day one.

However, they have yet to drop any clues on social media over their current relationship status. And we’re also waiting to find out if any of the other contestants have found love outside of the Retreat. Martin H, we have everything crossed for you!

Host Davina McCall appeared to be thrilled that the show had worked. She told the paper: “I want to present this show for the rest of my life! I love watching love blossom, and it blossomed very organically and very slowly and sweetly.

“I’ve been sent photographs of couples since! I’m not going to tell you how many. But there’s a few. The show works. I really am Cupid!”

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ED! has contacted ITV for comment on the couples’ blossoming relationships.

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