Roger from My Mum Your Dad and daughter Jess

My Mum Your Dad: Jess reveals heartwrenching notes detailing her mum’s last wish for husband Roger

His wife died 18 months ago

My Mum Your Dad has been an emotional roller coaster and we’re only a few days in!

Last night’s show (September 13), which features a group of single parents hoping for a second chance at love, saw Jess reveal her mum’s last wish for her dad Roger.

Roger lost his wife, Joanna, to cancer 18 months ago.

MMYD Jess and Roger
My Mum Your Dad’s Jess and Roger (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

My Mum Your Dad: Roger goes on first date in 40 years

During his first date in 40 years with fellow contestant Caroline earlier this week, Roger admitted: “We were on holiday in Italy and I just looked behind her ear, and it was irritating her, just a little spot behind her ear.

“I said: ‘You need to get that checked out when you get back’ and she did. She got seen to really quick and it was melanoma. But she didn’t know by that time the cancer had gone to her brain.”

Now daughter Jess, a network rail planner from Derbyshire, has revealed that she and her postman dad found notes from her mum after she died aged 52.

MMYD's Roger
My Mum Your Dad contestant Roger (Credit: YouTube/ITV)

Heartwrenching last wish

Jess said: “We found notes she left us afterwards, and in those notes, that’s where she said, like: ‘I want you to move on, I want you to find love.'”

The father and daughter’s story has gripped viewers and many took to social media to share their thoughts.

Emmerdale star Lisa Riley said: “Ahhhh #MyMumYourDad ROGER and his daughter JESS. A story that I feel many many many of us have personally been through. I know I have after my Mum died it broke me in two thinking of my dad with anyone new. Grief is so difficult to deal with.”

My Mum Your Dad is on weeknights at 9pm on ITV1.

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