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Martin H’s daughter weeps as her dad makes heartbreaking confession in first look at tonight’s My Mum Your Dad

Jess is devastated by her dad's confession

In first-look clip of tonight’s episode of My Mum, Your Dad (September 18), Martin H makes a heartbreaking confession about his relationship prospects with Monique.

Martin’s sad confession – and his daughter’s tearful reaction – were revealed in an early glimpse of the ep on Instagram.

But what is it that has Jess sobbing so?

Martin H speaks with Monique
Martin H thought he had a connection with Monique (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Jess weeps as dad Martin H makes heartbreaking confession

A clip from tonight’s episode of the reality TV show sees Martin H speaking out on how things stand with Monique.

“I put myself out there with Monique and it all felt very positive,” Martin says.

However, he then admits: “I’ve got a strong sense it’s not mutual, and I just feel that maybe she’s just not that into me.”

In the same clip, daughter Jess grows tearful and claps a hand over her own mouth, visibly upset. “You always see your parents as strong people but that’s probably because they protect you from a lot of the emotions they go through,” she says, in an interview.

“You don’t think of your dad just being upset, but obviously they’re human,” she continues.

What happened between Martin H and Monique?

Things seemed to be going well between Martin H and Monique, with the pair seeming very well-suited. After struggling to find a spark with anyone, Monique hit it off with the basketball player.

However, the arrival of Martin M seemed to turn Monique’s head, leaving Martin H out in the cold. This has left some viewers frustrated and rooting for the original Martin.

Martin M grins
Monique’s head was turned by the arrival of Martin M (Credit:

“So frustrating to watch. Monique had a lovely thing going with a lovely guy and then Martin M swaggers in (literally) with his air of arrogance and she completely got her head turned. Rooting for Martin H,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“I think Martin M is over confident, much prefer Martin H,” said another. “He’s far more genuine and Monique is making a mistake,” said another.

Who are you rooting for in the battle of the Martins?

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