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The Masked Dancer 2022: All the clues as fans reveal who they think each character is

Who is hiding behind the masks?

The 2022 series of The Masked Dancer unmasked another celebrity last night (September 10).

In Saturday night’s episode of the ITV show, Pig was unveiled as a sitcom favourite.

Gavin and Stacey star Joanna Page was unmasked – much to the shock of fans

But fans have more theories about the dancers from last night’s show…

Joanna Page was unmasked as Pig on The Masked Dancer last night (Credit: ITV)
Joanna Page was unmasked as Pig on The Masked Dancer last night (Credit: ITV)

The Masked Dancer 2022: Fans convinced Pearly King is Danny Dyer

Described as a “beast from the East Ender”, performing under a letter D and being an actor – Pearly King can only be one person.

Pearly King HAS to be Danny Dyer.

As a result, fans are convinced it’s EastEnders star Danny Dyer.

Pearly King Performs "Going Underground" | The Masked Dancer UK | The Masked Central

One said: “Pearly King HAS to be Danny Dyer. There was reference to the East End, DD and of course on Who Do You Think You Are Danny discovered he was descended from an actual king of England.”

A second said: “I’m guessing Danny Dyer as Pearly King.”

Another added: “Danny Dyer obviously.”

Cactus Performs "Livin' La Vida Loca" | The Masked Dancer UK | The Masked Central

The Masked Dancer 2022: Cactus – Matt Willis

Fans are convinced this dancer is a boybander and I’m A Celebrity winner.

Clues about guitars, performing in big venues and being linked to a hall of fame have fans convinced this is Busted star Matt Willis.

One said: “Cactus could be Matt Willis…Busted.”

A second said: “#MaskedDancerUK cactus Matt Willis it has to be with the clues.”

But a third added: “Snooker player or guitar player from Busted for Cactus.”

While another fan said: “Cactus is Matt Willis.”

Sea Slug Performs "When I Grow Up" | The Masked Dancer UK | The Masked Central

Sea Slug – Gok Wan

This dancer is described as a “friendly, squishy softy” that can be a “little spiky if they have to be”.

They added they know “how to scrub up well” – giving fans a big clue about their identity.

One said: “Gok Wan good shout, the scrub up well clue….How to Look Good Naked #TheMaskedDancer ”

But second said: “Imagine if it’s a girl inside and you’re guessing Gok Wan. I would be so offended. #TheMaskedDancer.”

A third said: “Like Gok Wan as a guess #TheMaskedDancer.”

Another another added: “I’m actually tweeting about the #MaskedDancer…. my guess is …. Gok Wan.”

Tomato Sauce Performs "C'est La Vie" | The Masked Dancer UK | The Masked Central

The Masked Dancer: Tomato Sauce – Steph McGovern

Last night’s episode revealed that Tomato Sauce is a “staple at mealtimes”.

And with that clue alone – fans think they know exactly who she is – Steph’s Packed Lunch host, Steph McGovern.

One said: “The only #MaskedDancer I know is Steph McGovern as Tomato Sauce. No real solid idea of any others.”

Another added: “Tomato sauce is Steph McGovern. Sure of it!!!”

Onomatopoeia Performs "Bad Habits" | The Masked Dancer UK | The Masked Central

Onomatopoeia – KSI

With clues about being a song writer, an Arsenal fan and from North London, Onomatopoeia has proven a hard case to crack for fans.

But they think they have got it with YouTuber KSI.

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One said: “Onomatopoeia could be KSI? Arsenal, song writer, north London? #MaskedDancerUK.”

A second agreed: “@MaskedSingerUK my kids think onomatopoeia is @KSI #MaskedDancerUK #KSI.”

And a third added: “Why do I think onomatopoeia is @KSI????? #MaskedDancerUK.”

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