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MAFS UK star Brad’s behaviour sparks concern for Shona’s wellbeing: ‘His mask is slipping’

Brad's behaviour didn't go down well

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The behaviour of MAFS UK star Brad Skelly left viewers feeling concerned for his wife Shona’s wellbeing during last night’s episode (Monday, October 3).

Last night’s episode saw Shona and Brad clash thanks to the latter’s behaviour during confession’s week.

Brad went in on Shona (Credit: E4)

What did Brad do on MAFS UK last night?

Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight UK saw the couples take part in confession’s week. It went well for some of them, however, it proved to be something of a disaster for Brad and Shona.

The couple’s task was that they have to be brutally honest with each other. Brad didn’t seem to have an issue with doing this.

Shona asked her new husband about some things that he would improve about her – and he didn’t hold back.

“Name three things you would change about me,” Shona said. Brad was quick to reply.

“Probably to be more aware,” Brad said. “When we were coming through the airport, we were about to get on a flight and and you were losing your passport and your bag and stuff like that, and I’m like ‘where is your head at?'”

Shona on MAFS UK
Shona was on the receiving end (Credit: E4)

Brad goes in on Shona

Brad wasn’t finished there though. He also slammed Shona for not being more “considerate” and accused her of making plans without asking him if he wanted to do them. He then cited her cleanliness as an issue too.

‘Do you think we have the same level of maturity?” Shona asked. “No,” Brad replied. He then went on to explain that he is more mature because he has a child and has had to raise a kid. He also seemed to suggest that he’s had more responsibility in his life than Shona because he has a son.

“At the end of the day, we’re different because you haven’t had a child,” Brad said.

“I had no idea he felt this way,” Shona confessed later. “It was like bam-bam-bam-bam-bam on loads of different things. I wish I’d asked different things now.”

It was later revealed that Brad had been going around spilling intimate details about himself and Shona to the rest of the cast. She didn’t like this and they ended up sleeping apart for the night.

Brad on MAFS UK
Brad’s behaviour came under fire (Credit: E4)

MAFS UK viewer slam Brad’s behaviour

Viewers of the show took to Twitter to slam Brad’s behaviour during yesterday’s show.

“Brad could be the biggest [bleep] to ever appear on #MAFSUK,” one E4 viewer tweeted. “I don’t like Brad, he’s a [bleep]! Why is he being so nasty towards Shona? It’s like he’s a completely different person? Where did this switch up come from?” another asked.

“Shona, Brad is a walking red flag,” a third wrote. “Brad is emotionally manipulating Shona. Get out girl,” another said.

“My stomach lurched watching Brad go in on Shona like that,” a fifth tweeted. “Be careful Shona his mask is slipping,” another said.

ED! has contacted Channel 4 for comment.

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MAFS continues tonight (Tuesday, October 3) at 9pm on E4 and Channel 4.

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