Lorraine Kelly hits back at Twitter account tracking her time off as she shares reason for absence: ‘My mum is really not well’

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Lorraine Kelly has been the victim of vile trolling recently as she takes a break from her ITV show.

The TV star came under fire last week after fans commented that she seems to be away from her ITV morning show a lot. It came after Lorraine failed to present the self-titled series last week – with Ranvir Singh stepping in.

Despite not being on her own show, Lorraine was back on screens on BBC’s The One Show last week – and fans were not too happy. So much so, that they threatened to “boycott” ITV.

On February 13, she made an appearance on The One Show to plug her new book, The Island Swimmer. Another chat on This Morning followed, as well as radio appearances on the likes of Woman’s Hour. She’s also on James Martin’s Saturday Morning this weekend (February 24).

And it was on the latter that Lorraine revealed the real reason she’s been off screen, and urged people not to comment on things they know nothing about.

Lorraine Kelly speaking on her ITV show
The TV star takes half-term off (Credit: ITV)

Lorraine Kelly trolled for not hosting her own show

Lorraine, who started hosting her Lorraine show back in 2010, didn’t front the programme last week. Instead, ITV favourite Ranvir Singh has been at the helm. The TV presenter’s absence from Lorraine isn’t unusual. Lorraine, who shot to fame in the 1980s, usually takes time off during the school holidays.

However, after her appearance on The One Show to chat about her new book, fans were quick to share their thoughts.

Over on X, formerly known as Twitter, one person fumed: “So Lorraine can be on The One Show but not present her own show? Make it make sense.” A second added: “After failing to appear on her own show for three consecutive episodes, Lorraine is a guest on The One Show.”

A third chimed in and wrote: “Surprised the long-suffering Ranvir wasn’t forced to take her place last minute.” Someone else proclaimed: “I’m personally boycotting all @itv sponsors until Lorraine comes back and would suggest you do the same.”

Troll ‘tracks when Lorraine appears on show’

Meanwhile, one person set up a page on X, called Where is Lorraine? that tracks when she appears on her show.

They posted: “Lorraine Kelly did not host her own show this morning with Ranvir Singh stepping in. #Lorraine has hosted 24 episodes out of 31 (77.4%) this year, Ranvir has hosted 3 and Christine Lampard has hosted 4.”

One viewer tweeted recently: “Time they removed her name off the show!”

Lorraine Kelly on The One Show
Lorraine appeared on The One Show (Credit: BBC)

Real reason Lorraine’s off work

However, on Woman’s Hour Lorraine issued a plea for kindness as she navigates her mother’s illness.

Speaking to host Anita Rani, she was asked if she knew about the Twitter account tracking her time off. Lorraine said: “I know, the amount of space that I occupy in people’s heads is quite bizarre. It’s fine. I don’t mind, I don’t care. I probably would have cared before but I really don’t now it’s absolutely fine.”

However, she went on to reveal that she’s taking time off work to care for her mum. Lorraine revealed: “But you should never comment on things like that if you don’t know what is going on in people’s lives but I am having to take quite a few Fridays off because my mum is really not well.

“So I can go home now and spend some more time with her and help her a bit more than I have been able to. So that is happening just now but that will change. I have been doing five days a week for 40 years so I am just taking a wee bit of time off and obviously this week is half term which is why I am able to talk to you!”

After hearing Lorraine’s clapback, the Twitter account responded. In a statement, it shared: “It feels apt to say now that of course we respect that Lorraine may need more time away to look after her mother. There is, and never has been, any malice behind this account. It is all for fun and we are happy that @reallorraine seems to understand that.”

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Catch Lorraine on James Martin’s Saturday Morning this weekend (February 24) at 9.30am.

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