Line Of Duty finale

Line of Duty finale: The 7 key questions we still have after THAT ending

Mother of God... is that really the end of the series?!

The Line of Duty finale tonight (Sunday April 2) provided fans with some answers… as well as revealing the identity of the final ‘H’.

But what happens now?

We have some questions that need answering…

What are our burning questions after the Line of Duty finale?

Is there still a ‘top man’?

No, we don’t mean the high street clothing chain.

Despite Ian Buckells’ unmasking as ‘H’ or ‘The Fourth Man’, doubt still remains that other police corrupt police officers within the force exist.

Buckells said there was no “top man” and that after Tommy Hunter’s death the OCGs broke into smaller groups.

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But there is still suspicion that someone is pulling the strings.

And that someone could well be CC Ian Osborne.

Could there still be links between the OCGs and the police, as Ted thinks?

Or has Hastings become a man obsessed; his objectivity obscured after years of trying to nail a big boss?

Ian Buckells line of duty
Buckells is the fourth man (Credit: BBC)

What’s going to happen to Buckells after the Line of Duty finale?

Buckells – always the incompetent stooge – took umbrage when Ted said, “your corruption was mistaken for incompetence” and called him a “blundering fool”.

After he was denied immunity and witness protection, he was carted off to a maximum-security prison.

However, as the credits rolled it was revealed that Central Police had applied for Public-interest Immunity.

Public-interest immunity (PII), previously known as Crown privilege, is where English courts can grant a court order “allowing one litigant to refrain from disclosing evidence to the other litigants where disclosure would be damaging to the public interest”.

This means the police – or elements within the force – are trying to keep him quiet.

The closing onscreen comments said: “If successful no evidence will be heard in court.”

That raises the probability of a cover-up.

And Buckells is likely to be in prison for a very long time…

Philip Osborne Line Of Duty
Is Osborne bent? (Credit: BBC)

Is Osborne still at large?

Osborne gave it the big one after the person who murdered Gail Vella was confirmed.

He told reporters that the wrongdoing of a few rotten apples did not mean all coppers were bent.

Because of this, suspicion still surrounds CC Osborne.

He was part of the original team – along with Thurwell and Buckells – who investigated the murder of Lawrence Christopher.

One of those suspected was Tommy Hunter’s son Darren.

So a question still lingers like the after-effects from a kebab with extra chilli sauce: is Osborne at the centre of all this?

Patricia Carmichael in episode six of Line Of Duty
Suspicion still surrounds Patricia Carmichael (Credit: BBC)

Where was Carmichael in all of this?

Despite her key role during the past two episodes, Carmichael’s presence was minimal in tonight’s series finale.

Instead, the heavy lifting was done by Hastings, DI Steve Arnott and DI Kate Fleming (aah, the old team back together again).

However, she still steadfastly believes that institutionalised corruption within the force is just not there.

Just like her boss – CC Osborne.

She’s always been Ted’s nemesis, but there was a distinct thawing of relations between the two at the end.

Perhaps she feels guilty that Buckells – who she always tried to steer Ted and co away from – was found to be guilty.

Or perhaps she’s feeling guilt that Ted has been forced out and she suddenly feels the weight of responsibility now upon her.

Ted Hastings in the Line of Duty series finale trailer
Is this the end of Ted? (Credit: BBC)

Will Hastings really take retirement?

Seeing Ted in civvy clothes at the end was like seeing your parents naked.

Just plain wrong.

However, Ted did say he’ll be lodging an appeal against his enforced early retirement, which could mean that we see him back in a uniform again soon.

Whether Carmichael decides to prosecute him for his confession about informing Lee Banks about a leak in the OCG is another matter.

Let’s hope Ted Hastings comes back soon.

Steph Corbett Line if Duty
Could Steve get with Steph? (Credit: BBC)

Will Steve get back with Steph?

Steve did go to see the occupational health department and all things point to him getting help for his painkiller addiction.

But more pressingly, he has a decision to make about Steph.

During the series, the two have become close, and Kate encouraged him to go for it.

So could this be a path to domestic bliss for Steve, who, let’s face it, has been through a lot.

What’s next for AC-12? (Credit: BBC)

Will there be a seventh series?

The $66million question.

Although the mystery of the four Hs has been solved, there’s still the opportunity for new cases and new bent coppers.

Normally, a TV channel will drop news of whether a show has been recommissioned straight after the closing credits, or the day after.

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We’ll have to wait and see, but creator Jed Mercurio has said that he hopes there will be.

But, for now, as Kate Fleming said: “You don’t realise what you’ve got until it’s gone.”

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