Line Of Duty fans were convinced they saw an 'H' in Steph's kitchen tiles

Line Of Duty fans convinced they saw ‘H’ clue in Steph Corbett’s kitchen

Could Steph have something to do with the conspiracy?

Steph Corbett raised the suspicions of eagle-eyed Line Of Duty fans last night (April 4) during a scene with Steve Arnott.

They were left convinced they saw a clue that revealed the identity of the mysterious H in last night’s third episode.

And the clue turned up in the unlikeliest of places – her kitchen!

Line Of Duty fans were convinced they saw an 'H' in Steph's kitchen tiles
Was there an H spelt out in Steph’s kitchen tiles? (Credit: BBC)

What was going on with Steph in Line Of Duty?

In last night’s thrilling instalment, DI Steve Arnott visited the widow of John Corbett twice.

Steph, who was given some dodgy cash at the end of series five, tipped off Chief Superintendent Ted Hastings about Steve’s reliance on prescription painkillers.

When Steve found out he travelled to her house to have it out with Steph.

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However, their growing closeness soon ended up with Steve staying the night.

When Steph left for work the next morning, Steve rifled through her belongings and eventually found Hastings’ cash.

But fans were more interested in what they saw in Steph’s kitchen, or more specifically on her kitchen wall.

They were convinced they saw the letter H in her tiles and are now convinced she has something to do with the OCG.

How did viewers react to Steph’s tiles?

Viewers soon to took to Twitter to share their theories about the tiles.

One wrote: “Also did anyone else notice the random H on the tiles in Steph Corbett’s kitchen?

“Seems FAR too obvious to be a clue but might just be @jed_mercurio’s way of poking fun with us. #LineOfDuty.”

Anyone else noticed Steph Corbett’s kitchen tiles pattern? H is everywhere.

Another said: “Anyone else noticed Steph Corbett’s kitchen tiles pattern? H is everywhere #LineOfDuty #H.”

Finally, a third commented: “The tiles in Steph’s kitchen have an H pattern repeated on them,” followed by a chin-stroke emoji.

Line Of Duty episode three series 6
Kate and Steve were back together in AC-12 again (Credit: BBC)

What else happened in last night’s episode?

It was another topsy-turvy episode last night.

Bad-boy cop Ryan Pilkington made an attempt on witness Terry Boyle’s life, and Kate, Steve and Hastings were finally reunited back at AC-12 HQ.

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There, they found out who Pilkington really was, and blood deposits on Terry’s freezer revealed a surprise name.

Jackie Laverty, who was killed way back in series one by the OCG.

It’s all to play for.


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