John Dillermand

John Dillermand: Kids’ TV show under fire for featuring character with long unruly penis

It even has a jaunty theme tune!

A kids’ TV character called John Dillermand has gone viral after he appeared in a Danish children’s TV show.

The animated show revolves around the life of the title character and reveals how his extra-long penis gets him into all kinds of trouble.

For those of you not fluent in Danish, Dillermand roughly translates to Penisman in English.

And one look on Twitter shows the character has caused quite the stir.

One Twitter user even went so far as to say it “normalises rape culture”.

worlds biggest penis man cartoon
The cartoon features John and his unruly penis – seen here holding an ice cream (Credit: YouTube)

What’s the John Dillermand cartoon about?

The stop-and-go animation features the title character getting into all kinds of trouble because of his extraordinary penis.

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It appears to poke out of the bottom of his red and white striped outfit – and is the same colour and pattern as said outfit.

In one episode his neighbour chops off the end with garden shears when it appears in a bush.

While some believe it’s inappropriate for children, others believe that the context of the show is so asexual and that children wouldn’t view it in the same way as adults do.

In another he fends off a lion with his member, saving local children.

Subtitles include: “He can swing it around, he can get a little embarrassed.”

There’s even a theme tune that apparently brags there’s “nothing he can’t do” with his penis.

shocked looking woman
People have expressed shock and disgust at the cartoon (Credit: Pexels)

Who makes the show?

The show is made by Danish public broadcaster DR Ramasjang. said: “Naturally a TV show designed for kids with the main character having a giant penis is going to raise some issues.

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“So far the reaction to the show in Denmark has been decidedly mixed.

“While some believe it’s inappropriate for children, others believe that the context of the show is so asexual and that children wouldn’t view it in the same way as adults do.”

The head of the TV channel also revealed that it was made in association with Danish sex education association Sex & Samfund.

And they added that the show will continue to air.

worlds biggest penis man cartoon
Shortly after this scene, John’s neighbour accidentally cut off the tip of his long penis (Credit: YouTube)

What have Brits said about the cartoon?

Some weren’t impressed by the cartoon, with one feminist group tweeting that “this is how rape culture is normalised”.

John Dillermand is a children’s TV animation for the Danish equivalent of the BBC and is aimed at kids of 4-8.

“It depicts a man with a large appendage that he claims he has no control over and does ‘naughty’ things.

“This is how rape culture is normalised,” they said.

How liberal is Danish children’s TV?” said another.

“I present you John Dillermand. The man with the world’s longest penis who overcomes hardships and challenges with his record-breaking genitals.”

Others thought the show was a bit of harmless fun.

“This is exactly what we need in 2021,” one fan laughed.

Me and John Dillermand have something in common,” another quipped.

“We both have a moustache.”


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Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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