Joanna Page on the red carpet

The Pet Show’s Joanna Page nearly quit Showbiz after being told she wasn’t pretty enough

Gavin and Stacey changed everything for the star

Joanna Page is a big name now with programmes such as The Pet Show and Gavin and Stacey under her belt – but it wasn’t always that way.

The star once revealed she almost walked away from the industry after becoming sick of the rejection and being told she wasn’t pretty enough.

In 2008, she told the Daily Mail: “I’ve been told that my boobs are too small, that I’m too fat, too skinny or not curvy enough. I’ve been told that I’m too ugly.

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Joanna Page smiles on red carpet
The star found fame in Gavin And Stacey (Credit: Splash)

“For one job my agent phoned and said, ‘They don’t think you’re pretty enough for it so can you go to Selfridges and go to Bobbi Brown or one of the counters and ask them to do a makeover on you and then go back in and see if that will do it?'”

Star said audition process can be tough

Joanna said if you are trying out for something in the West End you are told if you’ve been successful in front of everyone.

On one occasion she went through tough auditions for Dirty Dancing but knew she wouldn’t get the job.

She said: “I was in my white vest which I’d smeared with chocolate. I had tracksuit bottoms on and I was sweating like mad. As I walked out of the room I pretended to be really blasé. I said, ‘Good luck everybody, have a great time.’

“And then I walked out and burst out crying. I thought, that’s it. I’m done with it. I can’t put myself through this any more. I remember thinking, ‘I’m never ever going to get the job, the one that is going to be great’.”

Joanna ‘sobbed’ in hotel

The star didn’t want to go home so checked into a hotel where she “sobbed and sobbed and sobbed”.

Joanna Page filming Gavin And Stacey
Joanna Page filming Gavin And Stacey (Credit: Splash)

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Fearing she would never land another role, she questioned what she was going to do with her life.

However, two weeks later she got the script for Gavin and Stacey, and bagged the lead role of Stacey.

The show started in 2007 and became a huge hit.

The Pet Show is on ITV at 1pm on Sundays.

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