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I’m A Celebrity’s biggest jungle bust-ups – from Janice and Lynne to Katie Price and Johnny Rotten

Nella and Fred have nothing on this lot

I’m A Celebrity has dominated news headlines this year thanks to a series of arguments – mostly involving Nella Rose.

However, it’s not the first time someone’s had beef in the jungle…

Janice Dickinson attempts to do a bush tucker trial alongside Ashley Banjo
Janice Dickinson left her mark on I’m A Celebrity (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity bust-ups: Janice Dickinson had beef with PR guru Lynne Franks

Former model Janice Dickinson became one of the most controversial contestants the show has ever seen when she appeared in 2007 (and again on the all-stars version).

Janice famously clashed with PR guru Lynne Franks during her first stint in the jungle. In fact, we’d go so far as to say the duo had one of the most memorable spats in the show’s history.

Their rows began during the cooking of their first dinner as they clashed about how to prepare the food.

Lynne made a few sly digs at Janice. But Janice told her to “knock off the remarks”.

Lynne didn’t take that lightly, and she replied: “I don’t give a [bleep],” she then repeated her comment seconds later. Later on, Janice called her a “freak” and a “shrew”, before she went off on a bizarre rant later that night.

“I’m going to stab her in the middle of the night and take her [bed]. You think I’m kidding? I’ll eat her [bleep]. I’ll fry up those big old boobs.”

Meanwhile, Coronation Street star Andy Whyment  appeared on the all-stars version with Janice and said she was “consistently rude” to Ant and Dec.

He told The Sun: “I’m just a normal down to earth guy and I just don’t like it when people are rude. When Ant and Dec came in early doors she was talking about what they were wearing and saying: ‘You look terrible.’ It’s like, these are the hosts of the show.”

Katie Price had her fair share of bitterness with Johnny Rotten

Back in 2004, Katie Price clashed with Sex Pistols star Johnny Rotten. The pair instantly disliked one another and made things very awkward for their campmates.

Johnny, whose real name is John Lydon, was known for his explicit rants. He famously attacked Katie for using the camp’s drinking water supply to wash her hair.

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph he described her as “[bleeping] talentless”. He raged: “I’m not here to support a Page 3 [bleep] blow-up balloon. Right? I [bleeping] ain’t. No [bleeping] more. [Bleep] to you. I’ve had enough of this [bleep].”

Katie made an I’m A Celebrity return in 2009, where she branded Johnny as a “nasty piece of work”.

Janet Street-Porter didn’t take farts lightly

Janet Street-Porter was another celebrity who did not mince her words. A fight between her and singer Brian Harvey led the singer to leave the show. In the 2004 series Janet shouted at Brian for breaking wind near to where she was making dinner.

This outburst caused Brian to shout back: “You’re cooking dinner! You’re [bleeping] over there. I’m over there. Don’t keep [bleeping] having a go at me about farting!”

He kept on at his rant: “Just because you think it’s wrong doesn’t mean everyone else thinks it’s wrong. I’m farting because I need to [bleeping] fart. After all, all I’ve eaten is [bleeping] beans!”

The fight led Brian to pack his bags and head home. He later confessed he was sick of being “treated like a kid” in front of viewers.

Janet Street-Porter has a conversation with Paul Burrell
Janet Street-Porter had fights with Brain Harvey (Credit: ITV)

Kendra Wilkinson and Edwina Currie fight over life

While their conversation started as a mild philosophy lesson, it quickly escalated into a heated argument. Former Tory minister Edwina Currie, 76 and PlayBoy model Kendra Wilkinson’s thinking was a tad different.

In the 2014 series of the show, Kendra, 38, voiced her opinion about life and said: “You should never live your life for anyone…EVER,” – something which Edwina disagreed with. As soon as she said this the situation progressed, making Kendra lash out: “Shut the [bleep] up and get the [bleep] out of our conversation.” She then called Edwina a “heartless [bleeping] politician.”

Edwina hit back: “Kendra you can’t dominate me, so don’t even try.” However, Kendra ended up being calmed down by her fellow campmates.

Lady Colin Campbell and her insults vs everyone

Ever since Lady Colin Campbell, 74, made her appearance on the show, fans were eager to see how the socialite would react to the jungle. In the 2015 series, Lady C used the most hilarious insults, some of which the viewers never even expected.

She alienated the entire camp when she called Tony Hadley “a fat slob”. She also said he didn’t have a “brain in his head”, while she added that “the crap that comes out of his mouth makes no sense whatsoever”.

Lady C insults Brain Friedman on I'm A Celeb
Lady Colin Campbell had a major clash with Brain Friedman (Credit: ITV)

The former author also clashed with US choreographer Brian Friedman after he called her “rude,” to which she replied: “Who the hell are you to speak about talking my dear?

“You have verbal diarrhoea, not only do you have verbal diarrhoea, but you are so full of [bleep] that if you ever took an enema you would disappear off the face of the earth without a trace.”

Meanwhile, Lady C also argued with fellow Dragon’s Den star Duncan Bannatyne, who was called a “chippy oik with the brains of a pea and the mouth of diarrhoea”. Her other outbursts included calling Yvette Fielding a “tart” and telling Chris Eubank to “[bleep] off.”

Scott Henshall and Phina Oruche’s physically fought

It seems these two celebrity contestants weren’t purely verbal. In a 2006 boys versus girls-style challenge, Scott Henshall and his team were competing against Phina’s, each trying to access a locked box.

Their squabble started when ace fashion designer Scott was falling behind in a task. He acted rather childishly and sat on the box, which blocked Phina from getting to it. She then leapt on him and scratched him. The fight worsened when Phina sunk her teeth in him.

Scott, 47, later described her as “psychotic”, and added: “She was acting like a wild animal. If a spider bites me, that’s fine. But if another contestant sinks their teeth in. I think that’s overstepping the mark.”

Despite her actions, Phina appeared to regret what she had done, later admitting it was “a career low”.

Scott Henshall and Phina Oruche had a physical fight during a task on I’m A Celebrity (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity bust-ups: Matthew Wright and Alfonso Ribiero had a grammar spat

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Alfonso fell out with presenter Matthew Wright in the 2013 edition of the show.

After being corrected by Matthew about him confusing the words “minimum” and “maximum,” Alfonso went off at him. “Matthew, enough! Enough! Okay, enough! I’ve had enough of your [bleeping]. I’m done with you talking about it.”

Matthew then went ahead and said that it was “a completely unnecessary outburst”. While Alfonso went on: “I’ve had enough of his [bleep]. I’m done with him saying every time I say something, ‘No you are wrong, I’m right, you are wrong’. Well, no, you are [bleeping] not! I will take respect in a debate rather than: ‘You are [bleeping] wrong.'”

The duo eventually made up, but that didn’t stop fellow star David Emanuel from painting them as “two drama queens”.

Rebekah Vardy talks about her experience in the jungle
Rebekah Vardy was accused of bullying Iain (Credit: ITV)

Rebekah Vardy was accused of being a bully in the jungle

Wife of Leicester City footballer Jamie, Rebekah Vardy was accused of “bullying” comedian Iain Lee. Rebekah also said that Iain was “fake” and accused him of “playing the sympathy card” during their jungle stint in 2017.

When she crossed the bridge back home, Rebekah was quizzed on her behaviour. She said she had done nothing wrong and claimed she was no “ringleader”.

I’m A Celebrity: Shaun Ryder hit back at Gillian McKeith for being dramatic

Another entertaining duo were Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryder, who lost it at celebrity nutritionist Gillian McKeith. In one Bushtucker Trial, where the Scottish presenter was screaming and complaining, the frontman called her “a [bleeping] irritating woman.”

Gillian condemned the comment and said the way he spoke to people was “disgusting”, but Shaun didn’t have any of it. He hit back: “You say the nasty things all the time… your tone, everything. The way you speak to everyone.”

In the end, Shaun did admit his mouth was “horrible”. He added: “She’s just rude and she’s said some rude things to the girls. It’s all right for her to say things, put people down or talk to them like [bleep], which she does.”

The pair met again in the all-stars series but ended up leaving as pals.

Shaun Ryder reacts to Gillian McKeith entering the jungle
Shaun Ryder thought Gillian McKeith was dramatic (Credit: ITV)

Kim Woodburn blasted Sabrina Washington for acting up for the cameras

How Clean Is Your House? star Kim Woodburn clashed with her fellow campmate Sabrina Washington over whether or not the singer wanted to do the Stairway to Hell trial. It all started when Sabrina was discussing whether it would be her or snooker star Jimmy White taking part in the latest trial before Kim interrupted. The divisive TV personality upset Sabrina and suggested that she was acting for the cameras.

While this didn’t go down well with Sabrina, she told the viewers through the Bush Telegraph that Kim’s opinions are a bit “forceful”. She said: “She is quite forceful with her opinions and sometimes Kim should learn to keep quiet.” In the end, Sabrina allowed Jimmy to take on the Bushtucker Trial.

Noel Edmond's gives out an order to his fellow campmates
Jungle emperor Noel Edmonds with campmate Harry Redknapp (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity: Jungle Emperor Noel Edmonds slapped down John Barrowman

The 2018 series saw a sticky situation between John Barrowman and Noel Edmonds. While Noel was the emperor of the camp, he slapped John down for speaking to him with a sarcastic tone. He even told him off for “scratching his groin” while talking to him.

However, Scottish-American actor John hit back and told him he wasn’t doing what the Deal Or No Deal star was suggesting. John complained: “I know he was trying to make a joke and be funny. But it didn’t land well with me and for that moment I’m probably being overly sensitive. It’s at this exact time that my husband would say I need a sandwich.”

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