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Layton Williams: The voice behind ‘I Kissed A Boy’ and his diverse acting career

Bad Education fans will know this star!

If you’re wondering why you recognise the voiceover artist for I Kissed A Boy, it’s because a well-known actor is behind the voice.

Layton Williams provides the voiceover for the show, providing many funny quips alongside Dannii Minogue’s hosting. Here’s you recognise Layton Williams and everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the star…

Layton Williams poses as the BAFTAs
Layton Williams is the voiceover artist for I Kissed A Boy (Credit: Splash News)

Who does the voiceover for I Kissed A Boy?

I Kissed A Boy is Layton Williams’ first voiceover experience. He told the BBC that the experience was “super fun”. He added: “I would watch the episode a day or so before I came into the record so I could be really be clued up. I would come in and be chatting to the producers and I’d be like: ‘Oh my god, like what about this? I can’t believe that happened! He was so this! He was so that!’ I mean, I had my opinions but I can’t tell you those!”

Layton also spoke about the “importance” of the show. He said: “It’s important for visibility. It’s important for us to be seen and it’s important to show that our love is just like everybody else’s. It’s pure and raw and we deserve love.”

What has Layton Williams been in?

Bad Education fans are sure to recognise Layton Williams and his voice. Layton joined the cast of the BBC comedy in 2012 as Stephen Carmichael. He played Stephen in all three series of the show. Layton returned to the reboot of the show as Stephen, now the Abbey Grove School’s Performing Arts Teacher. He also writes for the reboot.

Fans of Sky’s I Hate Suzie will also recognise him as Dance Crazee presenter Adam Jackson from series two of the show. Layton has also had guest starring roles in The Cleaner, Benidorm and Murder, They Hope.

Layton also played Billy Elliot in the West End. He played the lead in the West End’s Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, and had a cameo in the 2021 film based on the musical. He also played a dancer in Rocketman. Layton also starred alongside Olivia Colman in the comedy series Beautiful People as Kylie.

Mitchell. Alfie and Stephen smile in Bad Education
Layton returned to the Bad Education reboot alongside Jack Whitehall (Credit: BBC)

What age is Layton Williams and where is he from?

Layton Williams was born on September 13 1994, making him 28 years old. He was born in Bury and grew up in Manchester. He moved to London when he was just 11 years old to pursue acting. Layton told Attitude Magazine that he moved to train at the Billy Elliot Academy after responding to a newspaper advert on a whim.

Layon also attended the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London. His paternal grandparents are from Jamaica, but his father was born in the UK. He told Attitude: “It’s a part of me but I’m not proud of that part of Jamaican culture because I can’t get over how awfully homophobic it can be. I went to visit the Jamaican side of my family but I couldn’t go there for pleasure, not if I can’t walk down the street holding my boyfriend’s hand.”

I Kissed A Boy voiceover: Is Layton Williams single?

Layton was previously linked to theatre actor Michael Craig Dawson, but Layton confirmed the couple split in 2020. He told Attitude: “I don’t have a boyfriend any more… I was house-hunting with him… Not to speak too much about it, as it’s both of our stories, but I’ve never felt heartbreak like it. It clearly wasn’t meant to be. But it’s all love and respect. I’ve never had messy break-ups, it’s always mature.”

Layton has reportedly been single since, but in 2020 he confessed he thinks he “doesn’t have time” for a boyfriend with his busy career.

What height is Layton Williams and what is his net worth?

If you’re wondering what height the voiceover artist is, Layton Williams is 5ft 10in or 178cms.

Layton has never confirmed his net worth, so the figure is definitely up to speculation. Most sites claim the writer and actor is worth $1 million dollars, around £700,000. Although AllFamousBirthday claims the star could be worth $5 million dollars, a cool £3.9 million.

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