Dragons' Den season 20 episode 10 pitches

Dragons’ Den series 20 episode 10: Entrepreneurs pitch eco soaps and micro-campervans

A man pitches micro-campers, too!

Five more anxious entrepreneurs face off with the deal-hungry multi-millionaires as Dragons’ Den series 20 continues – but where can you buy Nuddy soaps?

Are Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman, Sara Davies and Steven Bartlett feeling generous?

This week, a plastic-free soap brand hopes to clean up with potential investors, and the creators of mouldable fixing sticks claim they have found an alternative to glue.

And expect to be impressed by a 15-year-old who enters the Den with a football board game.

Here’s everything you need to know about the pitches on Dragons’ Den season 20 episode 10.

Touker Suleyman turns his nose up at a pitch on Dragons' Den
Touker Suleyman turns his nose up at a pitch on Dragons’ Den (Credit: BBC One)

Dragons’ Den season 20 episode 10: Nuddy plastic-free soaps and shampoos

First up is entrepreneur Kassi Emadi from Middlesbrough.

She believes her body and haircare brand will be a game-changer as well as a planet-pleaser.

Kassi pitches her eco-friendly, completely plastic-free brand Nuddy.

The products are all vegan friendly, cruelty-free, 100% plastic-free, and made in the UK.

Nuddy sells candles, soaps, shampoo bars, a line of skincare, scrubs, and razors.

A set of three soaps cost £17.85, while three shampoo bars will set you back around £30.

Shampoo bars on their own cost £10.95, while soap bars start from £4.95 for the peppermint scent.

Other fragrances include coconut, mango, grapefruit, lavender, and lime and lemon.

The products are currently stocked in Sainsbury’s nationwide, and WHSmith Travel.

Sara Davies is concerned that it’s a “crowded market”, while Steven Bartlett tells Kassi her product is beautiful, and the branding is “spot on”.

But is he impressed enough to invest?

Dragons’ Den season 20 episode 10: Redcote Leisure Ltd micro-campervans

Next up is “excited and nervous” Jason Gledhill from Hampshire, who has been in the leisure industry since he was 20.

He pitches his micro-campervan business Redcote Leisure, which sells micro-campers, micro-camper conversions, and awnings and accessories for micro-campers.

His company offers removable camper conversion kits, as well as selling micro-campers and accessories.

The idea behind the business is to make outdoor living more accessible for all.

Instead of having a car AND a motorhome, Redcote Leisure gives purchasers the chance to have one vehicle for all.

Peter Jones is impressed with the company’s profits, while Sara admits she “absolutely loves this sort of stuff”.

But where’s the marketing-friendly brand name, asks Deborah?

Sara Davies sneers at a fellow Dragon on Dragons' Den
Sara Davies does not look very impressed on Dragons’ Den (Credit: BBC One)

Dragons’ Den Nuddy soaps: FixIts

Next up are industrial designers Chris Lefteri and Forrest Radford, who believe they’ve “come up with a way to repair stuff that tape and glue can’t”.

The entrepreneurs pitch their product FixIts – mouldable fixing sticks which they claim is an alternative to glue.

FixIts are handy sticks that soften in hot water and can be used to fix almost anything.

They have no expiry and an infinite number of uses in and out of the home.

Simply heat up a stick in kettle-boiled water for around one minute to soften, and then mould and mend as the product solidifies again.

If you’ve made a mistake, FixIts are endlessly remouldable, so simply heat it to reshape it again.

A pack of three costs £9.99, and FixIts come in various colours, including orange, black, white, and summer colours.

Deborah Meaden says “there’s so much she loves about it”, but does she think the business is sound?

Dragons’ Den season 20 episode 10: Football Billionaire

Fifteen-year-old Sheh Sharma enters the Den to help pitch a football board game.

He’s one of the Den’s youngest ever entrepreneurs, and has a helping hand from his dad Raj (dressed in the same suit as his mini-me son).

He pitches his board game Football Billionaire, which retails for £29.95.

Like Monopoly but for football fans, the game allows you to purchase clubs, buy stadiums, and create the perfect team by collecting the best players.

Football Billionaire is suitable for ages 6 to adult and anything from 2-6 players.

The box includes the game board, 150 Football Billionaire cards, a money pack, six player pieces, six league trophies, and one coin.

Peter, a dad of five kids himself, tells Raj he should be “incredibly proud” of his son, but adds that “board games are incredibly tough to sell”.

Will the teenage entrepreneur walk away happy?

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