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Boiling Point viewers issue plea about Stephen Graham as they make the same complaint

The new drama launched last night

Boiling Point viewers had the same complaint – and plea – to make about Stephen Graham‘s character during the show last night (Sunday, October 1).

The new four-part drama – which is a sequel to the hit film – launched on BBC One last night.

Vinette Robinson in Boiling Point
Vinette Robinson is the lead in the new drama (Credit: BBC)

What is Stephen Graham drama Boiling Point about?


Back in 2021, a movie titled Boiling Point was released. The movie – set in the busy kitchens of a city restaurant – was unique in that it was all filmed in one shot.

The film centered around Stephen Graham’s character, Andy, during one busy night at his restaurant, when everything begins to go wrong.

Look away now if you want to avoid spoilers.

The film ends with Andy collapsing and his second-in-command, Carly (Vinette Robinson), quitting.

The new drama follows on from the ending of the movie, with Carly now in charge of her own restaurant.

Andy, meanwhile, has fallen into despair after his restaurant was shut down.

Stephen Graham on Boiling Point
Stephen Graham’s character isn’t in a lot of the first episode (Credit: BBC)

Boiling Point viewers have same complaint to make about Stephen Graham

However, some viewers weren’t happy last night. Stephen Graham’s character barely featured in the opening episode – something that didn’t go down well with fans of the star – who took to Twitter to issue a plea.

“So good, need more Stephen Graham pls,” one BBC viewer tweeted. “When is Stephen Graham’s character going to turn up in the kitchen? And make it more entertaining to watch?” another asked.

“The lack of Stephen Graham’s appearance in this is very disappointing,” a third wrote. “Bit more Stephen Graham would be nice but great first episode,” another said.

“Not enough Stephen Graham,” a fifth grumbled. “This needs Stephen Graham pdq [pretty damn quick],” another wrote.

Stephen Graham on Boiling Point
Andy is in a bad place on Boiling Point (Credit: BBC)

What else have viewers said about Boiling Point?

Viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Boiling Point in general last night.

@RayPanthaki, @_vinette, @StephenGraham73 and @HannahWalters74 are the absolute highlights of #boilingpoint. Powerhouses and joys to watch,” one viewer tweeted. 

First episode of #BoilingPoint absolutely brilliant, although my blood pressure is well and truly up, unbelievably tense! Give @HannahWalters74 and @_vinette all the awards already! Outstanding work,” another said.

Phenomenal acting by the entire cast of #BoilingPoint. Went through the full gamut of emotions esp with @HannahWalters74’s Emily &  @_vinette’s Carly & their characters’ storylines,” a third said. 

However, some viewers weren’t enjoying it so much. “#BoilingPoint looks like this is a ‘Marmite’ show. I did try, but not for me, I’m afraid,” one viewer said. 

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Boiling Point continues on BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 9pm on Sunday, October 8. The series is available to binge now on iPlayer too. 

Boiling Point | Trailer - BBC

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