Ant McPartlin smiling on Saturday Night Takeaway

Ant McPartlin slammed for ‘rude’ remark to Saturday Night Takeaway guest

Ant pointed out the guest's home decor...

Ant and Dec were back for another episode of Saturday Night Takeaway last night and it was an eventful show.

However, Ant McPartlin came under fire for a comment he made to a guest live on air. The show’s Sing-A-Long Live segment took place at the start of the programme.

McFly were in the studio to perform their song, Five Colours in Her Hair. Families at home were asked to sing the next lines as they paused the song in a bid to win cash.

Ant and Dec speaking to guest on Saturday Night Takeaway
Ant and Dec hosted a sing along segment last night (Credit: ITV)

Ant and Dec Saturday Night Takeaway

Guest Jackie took part from her living room. But Ant had a few words on Jackie’s decor!

Ant told her: “You’ve got drinks and savoury snacks by the looks of it.”

Who thinks Ant was rude about the final lady not having cushions on her sofa?

The segment then took place and Jackie correctly guessed the lyrics as McFly sang. This meant she won £500, and Ant had a suggestion for how she could spend the money.

He said: “You can buy yourself some cushions for that sofa because you’ve just won £500!”

Turning to Dec Donnelly, Ant added: “She needs it, she does need it.”

Saturday Night Takeaway guest during Sing Along segment
Ant made a comment about Jackie’s lack of cushions on her sofa! (Credit: ITV)

Viewers weren’t impressed with Ant’s comments, however. One person said on X: “Ant ripping into her about her cushions.. Err, not one to be a killjoy but was that really called for?”

Another wrote: “Who thinks Ant was rude about the final lady not having cushions on her sofa?”

Someone else added: “Ant the cheeky [bleep] ripping the [bleep] out of that woman’s snacks and cushions.”

However, others found it amusing as one laughed: “‘You can buy some cushions for your sofa, because you just won £500.’ Love it when Ant ad-libs.”

Ant and Dec speaking to guest on Saturday Night Takeaway
Viewers branded Ant’s comment “rude” (Credit: ITV)

Saturday Night Takeaway last night

Last night’s episode saw Love Island host Maya Jama as the guest announcer. However, viewers were amused as she almost swore.

Maya said at the start of the show: “The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang gang…ooh gosh! They are here for the End Of The Show Show, see you after the break.”

She also mentioned Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on a few occasions throughout the show, but viewers thought she was saying something else…

One viewer said: “Maya Jama is fully just saying [bleep] bang bang every time.”

Another wrote: “Did Maya just say [bleep] bang bang,” followed by a laughing face.

Someone else quipped: “Is Maya on a bet for how many times she can get away with saying [bleep] bang bang?!”


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