Angela Black viewers on ITV were baffled by the creature at the side of the road

Angela Black viewers puzzled by crocodile-like road creature

Viewers have no idea what that *thing* was!

Angela Black viewers were baffled by a creature that looked like a crocodile in the middle of the road.

The intense six-part thriller starring Joanne Froggatt began on ITV last night (Sunday October 10).

And while many viewers were engrossed by the sometimes brutal storyline, some were baffled by the inclusion of the strange creature.

Angela Black viewers on ITV were baffled by the creature at the side of the road
Joanne Froggatt as Angela in the brutal drama (Credit: ITV)

What happened in the ITV drama Angela Black?

The show introduced us to the Black family. Angela and Olivier (Michiel Huisman) live in a super-modern, huge, posh house and have two kids.

However, as we all know with people who live in big, posh houses nothing is as it seems.

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Sure enough, after a routine dinner party with friends – and during which Angela poked fun at Olivier – things took a brutal and dark turn.

Flashing with rage, Olivier turned on Angela and attacked her. He knocked out a tooth and left her with terrible facial bruising.

Soon Angela became embroiled in a conspiracy when private investigator Ed told her some disturbing news.

Olivier wanted to bump her off.

Angela Black viewers on ITV were baffled by the creature at the side of the road
What WAS that? (Credit: ITV)

Things went from brutal to weird in ITV drama Angela Black

However, with all of this going on, towards the end of the episode there was a strange cut-away to some roadkill by the side of the… well, road.

But it looked like no animal we had ever seen before.

It had fur but was long-ish like a crocodile.

And soon viewers were asking: what the hell was that?!

How did viewers react to the ‘thing’ on the side of the road?

Viewers soon took to Twitter to ask what they had just seen on the side of the road in the ITV drama Angela Black.

One wrote: “Random crocodile like creature in the road [face-palm amoji”.

“What is that in the street? [confused-face emoji],” another asked.

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A third shuddered: “Wtf is that thing? [nauseated-face emoji].”

Finally, one viewer didn’t understand the link between the dead animal and the plot.

“They’ve shown that roadkill twice now. I’m not seeing the connection. #AngelaBlack,” they said.

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