Aneurin Barnard in The Pact

Aneurin Barnard in The Way: His roles, age, where from and how to pronounce his name

He's starred in Cilla, The Pact and Time to name but a few!

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Aneurin Barnard is a name you may not be able to pronounce, but The Way star is an amazing actor who’s been in some fantastic British dramas.

A character actor, he manages to look different in all his roles – so he’s a face you might not immediately recognise.

But his talent always shines through.

Here’s what Aneurin Barnard has been in before, where he’s from, how old he is, and how to say that beautiful name of his!

Aneurin Barnard and Sheridan Smith in Cilla
The Welsh actor was in ITV drama Cilla alongside Sheridan Smith (Credit: ITV)

Aneurin Barnard in The Way

Aneurin plays Dan in The Way, the new BBC One drama from actor-director Michael Sheen, that boasts a stellar Welsh cast.

The series – Sheen’s directorial debut – follows members of the Driscoll family who lead a revolt in their hometown of Port Talbot following a strike over the local steelworks plant’s future.

Aneurin Barnard as Ryan in The Catch on Channel 5

Aneurin Barnard portrays Ryan in the cast of The Catch on Channel 5.

Ryan is a stranger who starts to date the daughter of a local fisherman, played by Jason Watkins.

Jason’s character Ed Collier immediately distrusts Ryan, and doesn’t want his beloved daughter dating him.

So is Ryan who he says he is? Or is Ed just being an over-protective dad?

Aneurin Barnard in Cilla

His breakthrough role was as Cilla Black’s husband Bobby Willis in ITV drama Cilla, starring opposite Sheridan Smith.

The 2014 acclaimed mini-series focused on Cilla’s early life and rise to fame – it’s still available to watch on the ITV Hub and we highly recommend it!

Aneurin, who sports a peroxide blond head of hair for the role, said of the look: “It was one hell of a transformation. I found it thrilling. I love being able to embody someone completely different from myself.”

Aneurin Barnard as murder victim Jack in BBC One drama The Pact
Aneurin Barnard as murder victim Jack in The Pact (Credit: BBC)

What else has Aneurin Barnard been in?

The actor’s next high-profile role was in BBC One’s sumptuous adaptation of Dostoevsky’s War and Peace in 2016, in which he played Boris Drubetskoy.

That same year, he appeared alongside Jodie Comer in chilling BBC Three drama Thirteen, about a woman who escapes captivity after she becomes a kidnap victim at the age of 13.

His next notable TV role was in 2021 in BBC One primetime crime drama The Pact.

Aneurin played murder victim, Jack, alongside a fantastic ensemble cast that included Laura Fraser, Eddie Marsan and Julie Hesmondhalgh.

He said of the role: “For me to approach playing him, I had to find the vulnerability and fragility within this young, damaged man, hidden deep beneath the pretence of a strong tough bloke with a cocky, selfish, ‘I’m bigger and better than you’ attitude.

The same year, Aneurin starred in the heartbreakingly bleak but brilliant Time, also on BBC One, alongside acting giants Sean Bean and Stephen Graham – but more than held his own as a tortured inmate.

Aneurin has been acting since 2003, so has a long list of roles to his name, including the films Dunkirk,  I’ll Take Manhattan, where he played David Bailey, and The Personal History of David Copperfield.

Recently, he portrayed

In 2023 he played Ryan in the Channel 5 thriller The Catch, opposite Jason Watkins. He also starred in Men Up, a one-off drama about the medical trials for the drug that became Viagra.

Who played Tommy Shelby’s doctor in Peaky Blinders?

Aneurin Bernard portrayed Dr Holford in the sixth and final series of Peaky Blinders.

His role was crucial to the plot, even though he only appeared in two episodes.

Dr Holford was a fascist and in alliance with Tommy Shelby’s enemies, and conspired to ruin his life…

Viewers were horrified to discover that the doctor had LIED about Tommy’s health, saying he was dying when in fact he wasn’t.

Doctor Holford was the ‘Grey Man’ that Tommy’s daughter Ruby has warned him about.

Viewers thought Tommy would execute Holford, but instead he abandoned the doctor in tears.

Aneurin Barnard absolutely chewing the scenery to smithereens in that small role!
Aneurin Barnard was tortured soul Bernard in astounding BBC One drama Time (Credit: BBC)

Was Aneurin Barnard in Dunkirk?

Aneurin Barnard also made an impact on the big screen, appearing in 2017 juggernaut Dunkirk.

Directed by Christopher Nolan, the film retold the story of the Dunkirk Evacuation in 1940.

The actor played a young British Army misfit, Gibson, who was a stowaway on the journey of Alex (played by Harry Styles) and Tommy.

It was an overwhelming experience, with Aneurin saying: “When we did Dunkirk it was the biggest scale thing I’ve ever been involved in.

“And even for some of the more experienced, older actors – it was the biggest thing they have ever done.”

Who did Aneurin play in The Goldfinch?

Aneurin also starred in must-see movie The Goldfinch.

The film is about a boy called Theodore who is taken in by a wealthy family after his mother is killed in a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Theodore steals iconic painting The Goldfinch, which draws him into a world of crime.

Aneurin plays Theo’s eccentric friend, Boris, when he’s grown up.

Aneurin Barnard
Aneurin Barnard is from Wales (Credit: Splash)

Who plays Daniel in 1899 on Netflix?

Aneurin Barnard stars as Daniel, a mysterious man who boards the Kerberos, in Netflix series 1899.

The mystery period drama is eight episodes.

It’s a multi-language mystery-horror, following a group of European migrants travelling from London on a steamship to start new lives in New York City.

However, they encounter another migrant ship adrift on the open sea, and their journey begins to turn into a nightmare.

Where is he Aneurin Barnard from? Is he Welsh?

Aneurin Barnard is from Wales.

He was born in Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan, and grew up in Ogmore Vale.

The actor was voted Sexiest Welshman in 2012 but modestly said: “There are many men out there who deserve that title more than me.

“But it’s a lovely phone call to get.”

We beg to disagree with him!

How old is Aneurin Barnard?

Aneurin Barnard was born on May 08 1987.

He is currently 36 years of age.

How to pronounce ‘Aneurin Barnard’

It’s not actually that tricky, if you give it a try phonetically: uh·nai·ruhn baa·naad. See!

Rather charmingly, Aneurin means ‘man of honour’ in English.

Aneurin Barnard in The Pact
Aneurin Barnard is married with a small child (Credit: Splash)

Who is Aneurin Barnard married to?

Aneurin is married to wife Lucy Faulks. They wed in 2017.

According to Lucy’s social media, she runs a wellbeing company called Elevate.

Very little else is known about their relationship, although she does share cute pictures of them together on her official Instagram.

Does Aneurin Barnard have a child?

Aneurin and wife Lucy Faulks have one child together.

Their young son was born towards the end of 2019.

Although they have not publicly shared his name, he is referred to as “G” on her social media channels.

How tall is he?

Aneurin Barnard is 1.75 metres in height. That’s 5 foot 7 inches.

Can Aneurin Barnard sing?

Aneurin can sing! In fact, he applied to represent Wales at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2002.

Embarrassing video footage does exist on YouTube!

A rosy cheeked young Aneurin is singing in Welsh.

He’s also sung in several of his film roles, including in the 2011 film Hunky Dory alongside Minnie Driver.

Aneurin performed Love Reign O’er Me on the soundtrack to Hunky Dory, as well as dueting with Minnie on the song Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder).

He also sang Life on Mars, Strange Magic, and Living Thing – all of which are available for free with a Spotify account.

Aneurin Barnard stars in The Way at 9pm on BBC One on Monday, February 19, 2024.

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