Alex Beresford looks concerned, his dad speaks

Alex Beresford and dad Noel face tough times on Celebrity Race Across The World

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Good Morning Britain star Alex Beresford came in for some stick from his own dad during Celebrity Race Across The World last night.

On Wednesday (October 4) evening, viewers saw weatherman Alex and dad Noel desperately trying to catch up with their rivals on the BBC series.

The pair were the last pair to make it to the checkpoint in Corsica, lagging behind the other teams.

Somehow, Alex and Noel ultimately overcame being 26 hours behind the others.

But an incredulous Noel giving his son a roasting as the telly fave made claims about the earlier stages of his career could prove more significant as the duo grafted in a vineyard to earn their keep.

Alex Beresford sits with his dad
Alex Beresford is racing across the world with his dad Noel (Credit: BBC)

Alex Beresford news: What did his dad Noel say?

Making their way to Zermatt before heading to Milan, Alex and Noel decided to save a few Euros by picking up odd jobs at a local winery.

In exchange for packing boxes with bottles of wine, they were offered a night’s stay in a shack.

Alex seemed shocked when he realised how basic their lodgings would be, including a very basic shower.

He explained to viewers: “I like to shower twice a day. I like to step out of the house fresh. I like to moisturise my whole body from head to toe.”

Alex Beresford speaks to camera
Alex Beresford wasn’t impressed with the shower facilities (Credit: BBC)

But as his dad scoffed, telling his son experiencing a more basic way of life could be “good” for him, Alex didn’t appear particularly convinced.

Additionally, Alex and Noel also had to top and tail for the night when it became clear they would have to share a single bed.

However, the next day, Alex made out like such working conditions may not be unfamiliar to him.

Alex Beresford and his dad do chores
Packing wine to save a few Euros on lodgings (Credit: BBC)

‘I had to work two jobs to make ends meet’

Applying labels to boxes of wine, Alex noted the work put him in mind of when he used to work in a factory. He suggested the job he had was one he had as he took his first steps in his media career.

It seems Noel has different memories of that time, however.

Alex said to his dad: “This actually takes me back to my job working in the factory, do you remember? I was working 6am until midday, then I would go to the autocue for the news in the afternoon.”

He went on: “I had to work two jobs to make ends meet because they couldn’t give me a full-time job.”

You was living at home, you never paid a penny keeping, what you on about?

But Noel reacted: “Two jobs to make ends meet? You was living at home, you never paid a penny keeping, what you on about?”

Alex Beresford and his dad share a bed
Get comfy, gents (Credit: BBC)

How viewers reacted

Many of those watching at home were amused by Alex and Noel’s antics.

“Belly laughed at your little bed and the shower!” one viewer tweeted.

Another reacted: “Saw that you passed on the shower, I’d have done the same.”

Others, meanwhile, were impressed with how they made up time.

“You did so well to catch up, you could see how happy you both were ! Loved it,” tweeted one person.

“I’m rooting for you and your dad to win after last night’s episode,” posted another.

And a third wrote: “Never seen this series before but hooked on this one, making up 26hrs was huge. Looking forward to next week.”

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Celebrity Race Across the World is next on BBC One on Wednesday October 11 at 9pm.

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