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Coronation Street’s Jack Webster: Age anomaly and family drama revealed

Jack has been in Corrie since 2010

Jack Webster has been in Coronation Street since 2010, but despite only being 11 years old on-screen, off it actor Kyran Bowes is much older.

Fans have begun to notice just how odd it looks with Jack being particularly tall for such a youngster.

So who is Jack Webster in Corrie? And what’s the deal with his age?

Who is Jack Webster in Coronation Street?

Jack Webster is the son of Kevin Webster and Molly Dobbs.

He is the half-brother of Rosie Webster, Sophie Webster and the late Jake Webster.

Molly was married to Kevin’s best friend Tyrone Dobbs, however she had been having an affair with Kevin and fell pregnant.

Tyrone believed Molly’s son was his and when he was born they named him Jack, after Jack Duckworth.

However after Jack’s birth, Kevin stole one of his dummies and a DNA test proved he was Kevin’s son.

Jack’s mum is Molly Dobbs (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

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How old is Jack Webster in Coronation Street?

He is now 11-years-old, with his birthday being September 6 2010.

In December 2010, Molly admitted to Tyrone he wasn’t Jack’s father and went to leave Weatherfield.

However when Molly took Jack into the corner shop, a tram derailed and crashed into the shop.

Jack was rescued. Kevin’s wife and Molly’s friend Sally went into the rubble and she admitted to Sally that Kevin is Jack’s father.

Just moments later Molly died and later Tyrone found out his best friend was Jack’s father.

Jack went to live with Kevin and recently he learnt how his father and Molly had an affair.

He was upset and asked Tyrone about the situation, questioning how he could forgive his dad for having an affair with his wife.

But Tyrone explained it took time and they eventually moved past it, telling him his dad was a good man.

Jack is played by Kyran Bowes (Credit: ITV)

Who plays Jack Webster?

Jack is played by Kyran Bowes. Kyran took on the role in 2016, taking over the role from twins Jaxon and Maddox Beswick.

How old is Kyran Bowes?

While Jack is only 11, according to his Corrie wiki page, in real-life Kyran was born on April 28 2007, making him 15 in real life.

Fans have been left surprised by his age, questioning why Corrie didn’t cast a younger actor.

Jack Webster: Kidnapped by Jenny

In 2015, Kevin began dating Jenny Bradley and it became apparent Jack and Jenny were bonding.

However she became obsessed with Jack due to the death of her own son, Tom, who died in 2013 at the age of four.

Her obsession began to worry Jack’s sister Sophie.

Jenny took Jack (Credit: ITV)

Jenny devised a plan to abduct Jack but she was caught out by Sophie’s girlfriend Maddie Heath.

Maddie tried to alert Sophie but ended up being killed after being caught up in an explosion at the builder’s yard.

During Maddie’s funeral Jenny took Jack to an apartment in Hull where they planned to stay.

Jenny wanted him to celebrate her late son’s birthday with him, but Jack wanted his dad.

She called Rita and she soon showed up with Kevin and Sophie. Jenny ended up giving Jack back to Kevin.

Jack had his leg amputated (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Jack’s leg amputation

In July 2018, Jack was diagnosed with sepsis after cutting his leg playing football.

His body wasn’t reacting to antibiotics as well as the doctors hoped he would and they were forced to amputate his foot and part of his lower leg in order for him to survive.

Now Jack uses a prosthetic leg, but he has dealt with the change very well. He still pursues his footballing dreams.

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