Kim Tate: Emmerdale’s ultimate soap queen and master manipulator

Is Kim's position as ice queen of Emmerdale in danger?

Kim Tate in Emmerdale is the queen of soap bitches. She’s a master manipulator, a devoted – and controlling – mother and grandmother, and a sexy, sassy businesswoman.

But who’s the real Kim Tate? What’s her story? And who’s got an eye on taking her crown?

Emmerdale Frank, Kim Zoe and Chris Tate pose for a family photo
Kim was a family woman when she first arrived (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Who is Kim Tate in Emmerdale?

Kim Tate arrived in Emmerdale with second husband Frank and her grown-up step children Zoe and Chris.

And at first, everything was happy in the Tate family. She got on well with Zoe and Chris, and struck up a friendship with Chris’s wife, Kathy, too. But it didn’t last long!

Kim soon caught the eye of the dashing Neil Kincaid and started an affair and that was the end of the happy Tate family.

When Frank found out, he threw Kim out and started drinking.

Always the businesswoman, Kim set up her own stables in her maiden name Kim Barker. But when the plane crashed into the village in 1993, the stables went up in flames.

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Brave Frank rescued his ex-wife and became a local hero. He and Kim got closer and they eventually got back together – much to the disgust of Zoe and Chris.

Kim Tate turns nasty

With Kim and Frank back together, Kim began taking control of the Tate business empire.

And when Frank had a heart attack and had to slow down, she got her claws even further into his dealings.

Emmerdale's James Tate for shock return with mother Kim?
Kim left the village with baby James (Credit: ITV)

She even tried manipulating Kathy and Chris’s divorce settlement – losing Kathy as a mate forever as a result.

Kim Tate and Dave Glover

Soon Kim was embarking on a passionate affair with Kathy’s new boyfriend Dave Glover.

The pair were mad about each other – and determined to keep their romance secret. Kim even trampled Nick Bates – Kathy’s brother – with her horse when he stumbled on them together.

Conniving Kim had definitely arrived and she proved it when Frank had another heart attack and she tempted him into bed, hoping to make him suffer another attack – this time fatal.

Frank didn’t die, but Kim got pregnant and that meant she had no idea who the father was.

When Frank found out about the affair, things got really nasty and eventually he offered Kim a million pounds to dump Dave and name Frank as the baby’s father on his birth certificate.

Obviously, Kim agreed. Of course.

But she and Dave couldn’t keep away from one another and they were soon back together and planning to run away from Emmerdale.

Until Dave died, rescuing baby James from a fire and Kim was heartbroken.

Emmerdale Kim Tate stands over dying Frank Tate and watching him have a heart attack
Kim watched Frank die (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

The death of Kim Tate in Emmerdale

Desperate for revenge, Kim faked her own death and set up Frank to take the blame. Frank was arrested and spent time on remand, making him even frailer than he was before.

And when Kim unexpectedly came back from the dead, Frank did have another heart attack. This time it was fatal.

Ice queen Kim simply watched him die, checked whether he was breathing with her mirror, and then redid her makeup.

Kim Marchant

With Frank dead, Kim started a romance with local businessman Steve Marchant. The pair married but it wasn’t long until they fell on hard times.

Kim and Steve turned to robbery and attempted murder. But Kim came out on top when she hid the money from the robbery in Frank’s grave, while Steve went to prison for their crimes.

With baby James in her arms, Kim left the village in a helicopter. When the pilot asked if she was Kim Marchant, Kim replied: “No. Kim Tate.”

What a queen!

Kim Tate’s return to Emmerdale

In October 2018, Kim arrived back in Emmerdale with a bang having been released from prison.

She immediately told Graham Foster to get rid of her step-grandson, Joe Tate.

Emmerdale fans prove Graham Foster is working with Kim Tate
Kim arrived in style (Credit: ITV)

Cain Dingle actually did the honours and with Joe seemingly dead in the boot of Graham’s car, Kim returned to the fundraising do at Home Farm where she was pushed from a balcony by Faith Dingle.

Kim recovered but was sent back to prison for six months.

When Kim returned to Emmerdale, she was reunited with estranged son, Jamie, along with his wife Andrea and daughter Millie.

Kim and Graham were married (Credit: ITV)

Who killed Graham?

Kim was soon back to her old tricks. Sneaking around, investing in the new outdoor pursuits centre with Al Chapman.

She revealed she was married to right-hand man Graham Foster, and then ordered her new henchman Al to kill her hubby.

Though actually it was evil Pierce Harris who did the deed and struck the fatal blow.

Does Gabby want Kim Tate’s crown? (Credit: ITV)

Mistress of manipulation

As soon as she was reunited with Jamie, Kim began meddling in his love life.

Once Andrea and Jamie split up, Kim began interfering with his divorce negotiations.

She even got herself right in the middle of things with Jamie and Gabby Thomas, who fell pregnant with Jamie’s baby after a one-night stand.

Jamie was trying to kill his mum (Credit: ITV)

Kim Tate in Emmerdale fakes her death again

Things quickly soured between Jamie and his mum and he decided to slowly poison her to get his hands on her empire and be rid of her for good.

Kim faked her own death to catch Jamie out and then disowned him.

But in order to keep a connection to her money, he agreed to elope with Gabby.

It wasn’t what he truly wanted though so when he tried to flee the village and accidentally drove off a cliff into a lake, he disappeared.

Kim spent months convinced her son was still alive, but finally accepted he was dead when daughter-in-law Andrea Tate died and Jamie didn’t show up for the memorial service.

In fact, Jamie was alive and well and had taken tips from his mother and faked his own death. Kim has no idea – yet, and it’s sure to be explosive when she does find out.

Emmerdale Dec 22 Kim is lonely when she sees a picture of Jamie and Millie
Kim’s not quite the firecracker she once was (Credit: ITV)

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Has Kim Tate gone soft?

In recent months, Kim has fallen for Will Taylor. The pair got engaged at Christmas, but it’s sparked worries Kim has softened up.

She knows about DI Malone (although she believes Will killed him), and has moved the body and disposed of it so Will is free of any worries.

Kim has also just let Paddy off doping her horses after she roped him into that scheme.

Will told her to leave Paddy alone and she did. Just like that.

And she’s made amends with Will’s daughter Dawn, who she hated when Dawn was with Jamie.

That’s not to mention she hasn’t had Bernice Blackstock murdered for trying to steal her man.

Next week, Will encourages her to find something to ignite her passion and give her back her sparkle again.

She soon purchases a profitable business at auction – but will it bring back the ruthless Kim Tate we know and love?

We hope so!

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