EastEnders cast: Ben, Lola and Kheerat

EastEnders cast 2022: Meet the full Walford line-up

From show legends Kathy Beale and Phil Mitchell

Fans know that the cast of EastEnders is always changing and their fave characters can pop off in the back of black cab (or worse!) at the drop of a hat.

Old favourites return, new ones pop up and quickly become iconic, while others can meet a sorry end or simply stroll off across the Square to Walford tube station.

So we can keep track, here’s the complete list of who’s in the EastEnders cast in 2022.

Meet the cast of EastEnders

Mum and grandma Kathy has got a lot on her plate (Credit: BBC)

Kathy Beale played by Gillian Taylforth

Kathy Beale, played by Gillian Taylforth, is one of EastEnders’ original cast members. She was in the show’s first episode, back in 1985.

Mum to Ian Beale and Ben Mitchell, gran to Bobby and Peter, she’s also great-gran to Peter’s son Louie and Ben’s daughter Lexi.

She’s been at the centre of some of Enders’ most iconic storylines including her shocking rape at the hands of James Wilmott-Brown.

Kathy was married to Ian’s dad, Pete Beale but when their marriage broke down in the early 90s, she got together with Phil Mitchell and gave birth to their son, Ben.

Kathy and Phil’s marriage was a rocky one, thanks to his alcoholism, and Kathy eventually left to live in South Africa.

She was killed off-screen in a car accident. But that wasn’t the end of Kathy! Nine years after her ‘death’ she came back to Albert Square.

Kathy settled back into Square life, bought The Albert and is running Ian’s businesses in the wake of his departure.

She has supported her son, Ben, following his rape, and is in a relationship with Rocky. But that has been, er, Rocky, to say the list. Will it last?

Phil’s one of the most iconic characters in the EastEnders cast 2022 (Credit: BBC)

Phil Mitchell, played by Steve McFadden

The self-titled leader of the Square, Phil Mitchell, played by Steve McFadden, is one of EastEnders’ most iconic characters.

He’s had several wives in his time in Walford, become a father and grandfather, beaten his alcohol problem and survived a crack addiction, several car accidents and being shot.

Phil was at the centre of the famous Sharongate episode when his affair with his brother Grant’s wife Sharon was revealed to the shocked drinkers in The Queen Vic.

The ‘who shot Phil’ mystery became one of the fans’ favourite ever episodes.

Phil’s currently in a relationship with Kat Slater, feuding with his son Ben Mitchell, building bridges with son Raymond, and trying to keep his position as Walford’s top dog despite some stiff competition from Ben and new ally Kheerat Panesar.

Some of his past dealings have come back to haunt him and Phil has been in prison.

He cut a deal with DCI Keeble to turn grass for his freedom, but was secretly working against her.

Phil has now fled the Square to try and find a way out of his predicament – but what – or who – will he return with?

EastEnders Sam looks worried
Sam returned to the family fold last month (Credit: BBC)

Sam Mitchell played by Kim Medcalf

The youngest Mitchell sibling and only daughter, Sam Mitchell returned last month played by Kim Medcalf.

Sam’s first stint on the soap began in 1990 when she was played by Danniella Westbrook. She left in 2002 and was replaced by Kim in 2002.

When Sam returned again in 2009 Danniella was back in the role, but left in 2010. She then came back for Peggy’s funeral in 2016. It was then that she abandoned her son with Jack Branning, Ricky Mitchell, and fled back to Spain.

Kim reprised the role once more this year and is already making waves on the Square with blackmail and dodgy business deals.

She worked against brother Phil to get her hands on Peggy’s but it backfired on her big time.

Sam’s been sleeping with Zack, but is about to get a blast from the past when her ex, Don, turns up.

The EastEnders cast would not be complete without Sharon Watts (Credit: BBC)

Sharon Watts played by Letitia Dean

Sharon Watts, played by Letitia Dean, is another member of the original EastEnders cast.

She’s been involved in many dramatic storylines in her time, from the legendary Sharongate, to her steamy affair with Keanu Taylor and the death of her beloved son Dennis Rickman junior.

Most recently, Sharon tried to kill Ian Beale – who she’d married on his deathbed – in revenge for son Denny’s death.

Now Sharon’s getting to know half-brother, Zack Hudson, and bringing up her baby son, Albie.

After discovering she had a granddaughter, Sharon moved the tot and her mum in, but Jada left with Alyssa earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Sharon still has eyes for Phil, but made a huge mistake calling his brother Grant.

Phil got jealous and ran back to Kat, but how long before these two are back in each other’s arms again?

The Queen of Walford, Kat Slater has been in the EastEnders cast for 22 years (Credit: BBC)

Kat Slater played by Jessie Wallace

Kat Slater played by Jessie Wallace arrived in Walford on the back of a milk float after a night out and she’s been causing trouble ever since!

The reveal that Kat’s sister Zoe was actually her daughter – the famous ‘you ain’t my mother’ scene – is one of ‘Enders fans favourite ever plot twists.

Now Kat’s a single mum to sons Tommy, Bert and Ernie.

And Kat’s involved with Phil Mitchell, both in business and romantically, but ex Alfie has returned and is determined to win her back.

With Phil out of the country, leaving Kat to hold the fort, she’s struggling alone. Will she fall for Alfie’s charms again?

Tommy’s talent on the pitch was spotted by Harry Redknapp (Credit: BBC)

Tommy Moon played by Sonny Kendall

When Tommy Moon, played by Sonny Kendall, was born he was at the centre of a baby swap storyline after Ronnie Mitchell’s baby, James, died and she swapped him for Tommy.

Kat and husband Alfie grieved for their baby until Ronnie returned their little boy.

Now Tommy’s a talented footballer, but his future has been threatened by vile bullies.

Tommy accidentally stabbed one of them in defence and it has affected his prospects with a youth footie team. Can he find a way to come good?

The twins seem to be taking after their cheeky chappy father (Credit: BBC)

Bert and Ernie Moon played by Elliot and Cody Briffett

Kat Slater’s twin boys Bert and Ernie Moon played by Elliot and Cody Briffett are starting to appear more now their dad Alfie is back in town.

The boys were nicknamed Bert and Ernie by their dad Alfie Moon when Kat was pregnant and when the twins arrived, the names stuck.

Alfie’s arrived back in town (Credit: BBC)

Alfie Moon played by Shane Richie has returned to the EastEnders cast

Shane Richie has reprised his role as Alfie Moon after trying to stop Kat’s wedding to Phil.

He did manage to keep the bride from making her ceremony, but she’s still determined to marry Phil.

Alfie’s vowed to win her back, but so far all of his schemes have failed to impress.

He’s got his job back behind the bar of The Vic and is proving a great support to Linda Carter.

But can he and Kat ever be really done?

eastenders stacey
Eve is Stacey’s wife! (Credit: BBC)

Eve Unwin played by Heather Peace

Heather Peace plays Eve Unwin, and she arrived in Walford in October as Stacey Slater’s wife!

She’s tough as nails and quickly clashed with Stacey’s friends and family.

She soon showed her soft side, however, as she got involved with Suki Panesar.

After weeks of will-they-won’t-they, the pair finally gave into their feelings, but just as Suki became comfortable with her sexuality her abusive husband came back into her life.

Now Eve has been left out in the cold, but will she give up trying to win Suki’s heart?

Mick is a doting dad to all his children, including baby Annie (Credit: BBC)

Mick Carter played by Danny Dyer

Doting dad Mick Carter, played by Danny Dyer, is the landlord of The Queen Vic. He’s proud of his grown-up kids Lee, Nancy and Johnny, his young son Ollie and his new baby Annie.

Mick recently discovered he had another daughter, Frankie, whose mother was the youth worker who abused him as a kid.

He has welcomed Frankie into the family – just as he welcomed baby Annie, whose biological dad is Max Branning.

However, things with beloved wife Linda are not so good. In fact, the couple have split up.

Mick has moved on with Janine Butcher – they are engaged and have a baby on the way. But Janine’s lying and scheming might be about to catch up with her and send Mick’s world into a spin.

Danny Dyer is leaving EastEnders, so a long-term romance doesn’t look likely…

Martin’s marriage to Ruby Allen has broken up, but who else in the EastEnders cast will he romance? (Credit: BBC)

Martin Fowler played by James Bye

In the very first episode of EastEnders, iconic Square matriarch Pauline Fowler discovered she was pregnant.

That baby was Martin Fowler – now played by James Bye – and he’s now part of Walford history.

Martin’s had a troubled love life – he got Sonia Jackson pregnant when they were still teens.

Their daughter Bex is now off travelling, while Martin’s a single dad to ex-wife Stacey’s kids Lily, Arthur and Hope.

During lockdown, Martin got together with Ruby Allen and the pair tied the knot but Ruby left the Square in disgrace after she lied to get Stacey banged up. So what’s next for Martin?

Stacey Slater returning to EastEnders
A new business and a new romance, things are looking up for Stacey Slater (Credit: BBC)

Stacey Slater played by Lacey Turner

Stacey Slater, played by Lacey Turner, has had a lot of drama in her time in the Square.

She lost husband Bradley Branning in a tragic fall from the roof of The Vic, was raped by Archie Mitchell and then murdered him, and suffered post-natal psychosis.

And her affair with Bradley’s dad Max Branning – and its reveal on Christmas Day – has entered Enders history.

More recently, devoted mum Stacey split with husband Martin Fowler after he got mixed up with the Mitchells and wanted to protect her.

And she made an enemy of former best friend Ruby Allen when she nicked her money – and in revenge, Rubes nicked Martin.

Ruby eventually had Stacey sent to prison for assault (even though Stacey was innocent).

Stacey was released last year and returned to Walford – with a new wife, Eve, in tow, however they are not romantically together.

Stacey has spent much of the last year caring for mum Jean who suffered a manic episode.

She has also set up her own business and embarked on a new relationship with Kheerat Panesar.

It’s been a rough year for Jean (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders cast: Jean Slater played by Gillian Wright

Fan fave Jean Slater played by Gillian Wright is famous for her sausage surprise! But she’s also had a tough few years, battling her bipolar disorder and fighting cancer, as well as seeing her beloved daughter Stacey Slater banged up.

Jean arrived in Walford to see daughter Stacey, and eventually settled in Albert Square.

She left briefly when she got married and moved to Brighton, but came back when her marriage broke up. Jean also has a son called Sean, who she’s devoted to, despite his troubles.

When Jean was diagnosed with cancer, she met a man called Daniel and the pair fell in love.

Daniel eventually died peacefully from his cancer, leaving Jean mourning but determined to live life to the fullest.

And she’s even more focused on that philosophy now, having discovered her cancer hasn’t returned like she feared.

However it soon became apparent she was in the grips of a manic episode. She was sexually inappropriate, spending erratically and almost drowned in her wedding dress.

Stacey saved her and Jean went to hospital.

But coming back to Walford hasn’t been easy. Will she find happiness again?

Stacey Slater’s eldest daughter is playing a bigger role now (Credit: BBC)

Lily Slater played by Lilia Turner

Stacey’s daughter Lily Slater, played by Lilia Turner, is proving to be a chip off the old Slater block.

Lily’s real dad is Stacey’s ex Ryan Molloy – Whitney Dean’s brother – but she considers her former stepdad Martin Fowler the closest thing she’s got to a dad.

She’s struggling to deal with Jean’s breakdown and is terrified she’s going to get bipolar too.

Arthur Fowler played by Hunter Bell

Arthur Fowler played by Hunter Bell is named after Martin’s EastEnders icon dad.

But Martin’s not Arthur’s biological dad. His best friend Kush Kazemi was the tot’s real pa, though Martin’s stepped in since Kush’s death.

Hope Fowler

Little Hope Fowler is Stacey’s youngest child and is Martin’s biological daughter, meaning she has an older half-sister in Bex Fowler.

Hope was born prematurely and was in intensive care for a while but she’s now fit and healthy.

Sonia’s been taken in by Rocky (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders cast: Sonia Fowler played by Natalie Cassidy

Trumpet-playing Sonia Fowler, played by Natalie Cassidy, has seen some dramas during her time in Walford.

She’s had her heart broken when fiancé Jamie Mitchell died, had a surprise pregnancy, questioned her sexuality and nicked a load of money from her step-grandma Dot Branning.

Earlier this year Sonia’s estranged dad Rocky – aka Terry Cant – arrived on the Square.

But viewers discovered Rocky was really Tom Cotton and was working with niece Dotty Cotton to get his mitts on Dot’s cash.

The truth came out on Christmas Day over a turkey dinner and Sonia has cast Rocky out.

Jack’s kept busy with his kids, his job and his brother (Credit: BBC)

Jack Branning played by Scott Maslen

Walford’s worst detective Jack Branning played by Scott Maslen has recovered from his disastrous on/off romance with Ronnie Mitchell – and the one-night stand he had with her sister Roxy Mitchell – and the sisters’ tragic deaths on Ronnie and Jack’s wedding day.

Now he’s happily married to Denise Fox after their Christmas Day wedding.

He’s bringing up his kids Amy and Ricky, and Denise’s son Raymond.

But Amy is having a difficult time of it at the moment and Jack’s set to find out the truth about what’s going on with his daughter in the coming weeks.

Can he help her through it or will he think with his fists instead?

Things aren’t going well for Amy (Credit: BBC)

Amy Mitchell played by Ellie Dadd

Amy Mitchell played by Ellie Dadd is the daughter of Jack Branning and Roxy Mitchell. Her mum died tragically and since then Amy’s lived with her dad.

Amy’s already proved to be trouble.

She encouraged Bailey Baker to run away, developed a crush on teacher Isaac Baptiste, and bullies frenemy Lily Slater.

But she is facing a challenging time at the moment as rumours spread about her sleeping with boyfriend Denzel and being loose.

Amy’s taking it hard and is acting out.

But Jack’s about to find out her attitude isn’t the worst part of what’s going on…

EastEnders Ricky Mitchell looks annoyed
Ricky has been estranged from his mum (Credit: BBC)

Ricky Mitchell played by Frankie Day

The son of Jack Branning and Sam Mitchell, Ricky Mitchell played by Frankie Day lives with his dad and half-sister Amy.

His mum, Sam, is back in town and he didn’t even recognise her at first.

Sam has manipulated and used Ricky to get what she wants, but he just wants to spend time with his mum. Will it end in tears?

EastEnders Ben Mitchell looks smug
Are Ballum the greatest couple ever? (Credit: BBC)

Ben Mitchell played by Max Bowden

Son of Phil Mitchell and heir to the family empire, Ben Mitchell, played by Max Bowden, has upset his dad by marrying a policeman and letting Kheerat Panesar invest in the Arches.

Ben was abused by Phil’s fiancée Stella, who died on their wedding day, and lost his boyfriend Paul Coker to a homophobic attack.

Despite being settled with husband Callum Highway, Ben struggled with being out in the open.

He ended up at loggerheads with Callum.

Things got worse when Ben was raped by Lewis.

Ben struggled and took an overdose.

But now Callum knows the truth and they have reconnected as they work to support Lola following her brain tumour diagnosis.

Can they last the course this time?

Being married to Ben Mitchell causes trouble for poor Callum (Credit: BBC)

Callum Highway played by Tony Clay

Callum Highway, played by Tony Clay, is one half of fan fave ‘Ballum’ with husband Ben Mitchell.

He arrived in Walford as a friend of Lee Carter’s from the army.

He quickly settled into the Square and started a romance with Whitney Dean. But she found out he was struggling with his sexuality and called off their wedding on the big day.

Since then Cal’s joined the police, causing friction in his romance with Ben Mitchell, and tied the knot with his crime lord boyfriend.

But the pair split after Ben’s night with Lewis. When Cal discovered the truth, he supported Ben.

They have no got back together and are supporting Lola and Ben’s daughter, Lexi, with Lola’s health crisis.

(Credit: BBC)

Lola Pearce played by Danielle Harold

Lola Pearce, played by Danielle Harold, is Billy Mitchell’s grandaughter, mum to Ben Mitchell’s daughter Lexi Mitchell, and girlfriend to Jay Brown.

Troubled teenager Lola arrived in Walford when Billy tried to find his long-lost son, Dan Pearce. Alcoholic Dan had died but Lola was keen to get to know her ‘Pops’.

Lola’s settled down since her early days as a teen mum to Lexi, and she was a rock to Isaac during his mental health battle.

But then he went to Trinidad to look after his mum following her heart attack and met someone else.

Lola moved on with ex-boyfriend Jay Brown.

However, the young couple have been hit by tragedy as Lola has been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

It can’t be cured and Danielle is set to depart the EastEnders cast when Lola dies.

How long she has left isn’t clear, but it’s set to be heartbreaking when she dies.

EastEnders Lexi is questioning on the swing
Sharp, witty and very clever Lexi is a true Mitchell (Credit: BBC)

Lexi Pearce played by Isabella Brown

Confident Lexi Pearce played by Isabella Brown is the daughter of Lola Pearce and Ben Mitchell.

She’s smart and funny and devoted to her mum and her dads, Ben and Callum.

Lexi’s never afraid to say what she thinks!

She is trying to understand her mum’s diagnosis, but how will she cope when Lola dies?

eastenders spoilers
Billy’s in a rough patch right now (Credit: BBC)

Billy Mitchell played by Perry Fenwick

Olympic torch bearer, Mitchell family outsider and Walford legend Billy Mitchell, played by Perry Fenwick, has been in a bad patch since he split from wife Honey.

Billy cheated on Honey with Tina Carter and they split soon afterwards. Ever since then he’s been trying to get back on his feet.

Honey getting together with Jay Brown – who Billy looked on as a surrogate son – was the last straw for Bill.

But he has finally managed to win Honey back and things looks bright.

Until he was arrested for armed robbery from the 70s and faces a long stretch inside.

He’s also struggling to cope with Lola’s devastating diagnosis. Can he hold his family together?

Linda looking concerned in EastEnders
Landlady Linda wants to get back on her feet (Credit: BBC)

Linda Carter played by Kellie Bright

Devoted mum Linda Carter, played by Kellie Bright, has been through some tough times lately.

She fought alcoholism with the support of husband Mick, and then struggled to cope when he couldn’t open up about his abuse.

Linda turned to Max Branning for comfort and the pair had a brief romance. But childhood sweetheart Mick is the only one for her and they were soon reunited.

When L found out she was pregnant she knew Max was the daddy.

Baby Annie was born in a hurry and added to the Carter brood. Mick stood by his wife but the family fled to Linda’s mum’s for a while (while actress Kellie Bright took real-life maternity leave).

Cracks began to show when Mick returned alone. Janine Butcher set her sights on the landlord and used every scheming trick in her book to win him over.

She has managed to get her claws into Mick, but Linda is sticking around and won’t give up that easily.

Who will win?

Mick is protective of his little boy (Credit: BBC)

Ollie Carter played by Charlie Harrington

The youngest boy in the expanding family, Ollie Carter played by Charlie Harrington, is doted on by his older brothers and sisters. Ollie has autism and his dad Mick is fiercely protective of him.

Clock-loving Ollie returned to the EastEnders cast with Mick last year.

Annie Carter

New baby Annie Carter is the latest addition to the Carter clan. She’s blissfully unaware that she’s been born into a whole lot of drama.

Tiny Annie’s biological dad is Max Branning, who mum Linda had a brief fling with last Christmas.

EastEnders Rocky cheers as Whitney performs as Britney
Britney, sorry Whitney, loves to get on the mike (Credit: BBC)

Whitney Dean played by Shona McGarty

Whitney Dean, played by Shona McGarty is the adopted daughter of Bianca Jackson, sister to Tiffany Butcher-Baker and aspiring singer.

Poor Whit’s known nothing but heartbreak in her short life. She was abused by Bianca’s boyfriend Tony as a teenager, and suffered sexual exploitation at the hands of evil Rob.

She was stalked by Tony’s son, Leo, who she ended up killing in self-defence – and stood trial for his murder.

Whitney’s also very unlucky in love. Her marriage to Lee Carter broke down, fiancé Woody Woodward left her, she called off her wedding to Callum Highway on the big day itself, and fiancé Kush Kazemi died when serial killer Gray Atkins pushed him under a tube.

Whit briefly fell for Gray himself, but soon saw his true colours.

It was Whitney who eventually brought him down. She refused to let him fall over the train bridge to his death, wanting him to pay for his crimes.

Now she’s living with Chelsea, Felix and Finlay and has eyes for Zack. But does he feel the same?

Nick Cotton’s offspring has wormed her way into the Panesars now (Credit: BBC)

Dotty Cotton played by Milly Zero

Dotty Cotton – who is played by Milly Zero – is the daughter of the infamous Nick Cotton.

Her real name is Kirsty and she arrived in Walford as a child, in order to help Nick scam his mum Dot Cotton. But she fell in love with her gran and went back on the plan.

When she returned as a young adult, it seemed she was on the straight and narrow.

But now it’s been revealed that she’s up to her old tricks again.

Newcomer Rocky was pretending to be Sonia’s dad, Terry Cant, but he’s really Tom Cotton – Dotty’s uncle (who later turned out to be her father, but actually is her uncle all along).

Dotty confessed all on Christmas Day and has been cast out.

But she’s wormed her way into the Panesars’ now – pretending to be in to Vinny to get a place to live. She’s bonded with Suki as both seem to be as scheming as each other!

How much longer can she stay on Suki’s good side though?

He murdered his sister! (Credit: BBC)

Bobby Beale played by Clay Milner Russell

Bobby Beale, played by Clay Milner Russell, is the son of EastEnders icon Ian Beale and his late wife Laura.

In a square full of troubled teens, Bobby’s probably the worst.

His dodgy past includes him having killed his older sister Lucy Beale, and spending time in a young offenders’ centre for the crime.

Since then Bob’s converted to Islam, struggled with OCD and met girlfriend Dana Monroe.

However, Dana has left and Bob’s single again, running the family businesses alongside gran, Kathy.

Zack got cosy with Janine Butcher (Credit: BBC)

Zack Hudson played by James Farrar

A newcomer to the EastEnders cast, Zack Hudson played by James Farrar, is the long-lost younger brother of EastEnders legend Sharon Watts.

Zack’s dad was Gavin Sullivan – Kathy Beale’s evil ex and Shaz’s biological dad. Now he’s moved to Walford and is busy getting to know his big sis.

Zack’s already broken Nancy Carter’s heart, and got cosy with Janine Butcher. Big mistake, Zack. Huge.

He managed to win Nancy back, but things hit the skids again and she left Walford.

Zack has been trying to pick up the pieces, has bedded Sam Mitchell and is working in Peggy’s.

But Whitney’s after him – how will he feel about it?

Albie Watts

Sharon Watts gave birth to Albie just as his half-brother Dennis Rickman was tragically dying.

Albie is the son of Sharon’s lover Keanu Taylor, who is also dad to baby Peggy Mitchell. Peggy’s mum is Sharon’s former stepdaughter Louise Mitchell. Making the whole thing very awks indeed.

Shirley was distraught by sister Tina’s death (Credit: BBC)

Shirley Carter played by Linda Henry

Mick thought his mum Shirley Carter, played by Linda Henry, was his big sister growing up but now he knows the truth, he and Shirl have a good relationship.

Shirley’s never far from trouble, especially when it comes to her ‘friendship’ with Phil Mitchell.

But there is a heart inside her, and it’s currently breaking over the loss of her sister Tina.

Shirley’s performance when news of Tina’s death hit her earned her a Leading Performer nomination at this year’s British Soap Awards.

She lost out on the night, but is an integral part of the EastEnders cast.

Suk looks unimpressed EastEnders
Things are getting messy for Suki (Credit: BBC)

Suki Panesar played by Balvinder Sopal

The matriarch of the Panesar clan, Suki Panesar played by Balvinder Sopal, is intimidating, bullying and not easy to be around.

She’s fiercely protective of her family but blames herself for the death of her son, Jags, in prison.

And she’s right to take responsibility. Jags was only behind bars because Suki forced him to take the rap for his brother Vinny’s crime.

Since then Suki has showed a different side of her personality when she grew close to Honey Mitchell and ended up kissing her.

But when Honey knocked her back, she turned on her new friend.

Suki then grew close to Eve. The pair ended up in bed and Suki confessed her husband was controlling and abusive.

However, when Nish was released from prison last month, he wormed his way back into Suki’s life and she has ditched Eve.

And now Suki’s facing a murder charge after she supposedly killed her attempted rapist, Ranveer. However, viewers know Ravi actually dealt the final blow.

Will Suki go down?

Kheerat’s got a lot on his plate (Credit: BBC)

Kheerat Panesar played by Jaz Deol

The oldest brother, Kheerat Panesar played by Jaz Deol was in love with Chantelle Atkins, though the pair never acted on their feelings, and he enjoyed a brief but passionate romance with Sharon Watts.

Kheerat’s gone into business partnership with Ben Mitchell and he’s determined to make the Panesar family a force to reckon with.

But things have gone sour after he discovered Ben called off Jags’ prison protection, which led to his death. Kheerat almost killed Ben, but was stopped by Suki’s big confession.

Romantically, Kheerat has finally got together with Stacey Slater, but will they last?

Kheerat has recently been left reeling after his father was released from prison and returned to claim his place as head of the family.

It’s clear there’s bad blood between the two, but will they ever find common ground?

Vinny’s had his heart broken (Credit: BBC)

Vinny Panesar played by Shiv Jalota

The baby of the Panesar clan, Vinny Panesar played by Shiv Jalota is his mum’s favourite. But that’s not always the best place to be in their complicated family!

Vinny’s struggling with the guilt of knowing his brother Jags was in prison because of him when he was murdered.

Ambitious and determined to be a DJ, he’s also got a soft side, which he revealed when he fell head over heels for Dotty Cotton.

And then had his heart broken when she slept with Keegan Butcher-Baker.

Vinny is one of the few people giving Dotty the time of day any more, but it’s clear she doesn’t feel as strongly about him.

EastEnders Ravi looks serious as Kheerat doesn't look happy
Can Ravi and Kheerat get along? (Credit: BBC)

Ravi Gulati played Aaron Thiara

Phil’s former prison ally Ravi Gulati played by Aaron Thiara has been released from jail roared straight into the EastEnders cast to cause trouble.

He is having an affair with his father’s partner, Nina.

Ravi also killed his dad and let Suki Panesar believe it was her.

With the police closing in, Ravi is trying to get his story straight, but with the revelation Nish Panesar is his real dad and desperate to find a place in his new family, will he send Suki down or will he reveal what really happened to Ranveer?

Nish Panesar is the latest family member to join the EastEnders cast (Credit: BBC)

Nish Panesar played by

The patriarch of the Panesars, Nish, played by Navin Chowdhry, arrived in Walford after time inside.

He’d been sent down for killing someone who Suki had grown close to.

Controlling and abusive, Nish seems like he’s turned over a new leaf. But can he really be trusted?

Nugget has arrived on the Square with his dad (Credit: BBC)

Davinder ‘Nugget’ Gulati played by Juhaim Rasul Choudhury

Nugget is the son of Ravi Gulati and arrived to join his father shortly after Ravi’s release from prison.

Nugget was close to his grandfather, Ranveer, but is slotting into his new family already.

Friends with Denzel, Nugget has come under fire for his treatment of Amy Mitchell.

One of the newest additions to the EastEnders cast is GP Nina (Credit: BBC)

Nina Gupta played by Hersha Verity

GP Nina might seem like the pillar of the local community, running the local doctor’s surgery alongside Ash Panesar, but she’s hiding a dark side.

She was engaged to Ranveer, but secretly seeing his son, Ravi. The pair plotted to murder him to get their hands on his money.

Ravi did just that, but has pinned the blame on Suki Panesar.

Nina is worried he’s about to crack and reveal their secret, so will her world come crashing down if he does?

More EastEnders cast 2022

The Carters struggle to plan Tina's funeral with Jay
Funeral director and car sales man, Jay Brown (Credit: BBC)

Jay Brown played by Jamie Borthwick

Jay Brown, played by Jamie Borthwick, didn’t have the easiest start in life.

He grew up in care and saw his dad murdered. Young Jay was taken under the Mitchells’ wing and became a surrogate son to Phil and Billy. And he’s a loyal best friend to Ben Mitchell, too.

Jay had an ill-fated romance with Linzi Bragg, who turned out to be underage. But the people of the Square forgave him – eventually – and he moved on with Lola Pearce then Ruby Allen.

Jay was in a relationship with Honey Mitchell. Things were complicated when they first got together thanks to their age difference and the fact that Honey’s ex Billy was like a dad to Jay.

They stayed strong until cracks began to show and Honey ended things.

However, it was clear Jay’s heart belonged to Lola and the pair happily reunited.

But it was only meant to be for a week or so before she was diagnosed with a devastating brain tumour.

Jay is struggling to stay strong and support her when he knows he’s going to lose her.

The future looks very bleak for these two.

Honey is now the market inspector (Credit: BBC)

Honey Mitchell played by Emma Barton

Ex-model and devoted mum Honey Mitchell, played by Emma Barton, is sweet-natured and kind.

She was heartbroken when husband Billy Mitchell cheated on her with Tina Carter, while their daughter Janet was in hospital. And since then, the kind-hearted shop assistant has shown a new stronger side to her personality.

Honey dotes on her kids Janet and William.

She has recently started work as the market inspector, and is going to have to deal with creepy Mr Lister in her own way.

Honey ended her romance with Jay Brown, but soon reunited with Billy once again.

Janet’s a model like her mum was (Credit: BBC)

Janet Mitchell played by Grace

Model and actress Janet Mitchell, played by Grace, didn’t have an easy start to life.

Her mum, Honey, didn’t cope well when she discovered baby Janet had Down Syndrome and considered putting the tot up for adoption.

But Honey fell in love with her daughter and she’s now a doting mum.

EastEnders Will asks for an invite to Jada's party
Is Will going to be as unlucky in love as dad Billy? (Credit: BBC)

Will Mitchell played by Freddie Phillips

Will Mitchell played by Freddie Phillips is another model member of the Mitchell family. He landed a modelling contract that took him, his mum Honey and sister Janet to Canada for a while.

But now he’s back in Walford, putting up with dad Billy Mitchell’s shortcomings and looking after big sister Janet.

Mitch and Karen comfort Mack and Mia
Mack and Mia now live with Karen (Credit: BBC)

Mia Atkins played by Mahalia Malcolm

The daughter of tragic Chantelle, Mia Atkins played by Mahalia Malcolm is struggling to cope without her mum.

She dotes on occasional childminder Whitney and did not like spending time with her dad’s new wife Chelsea Fox.

Mackenzie Atkins played by Isaac Lemonius

Mia’s brother Mackenzie Atkins played by Isaac Lemonius, has anger issues, just like his dad.

But will he prove to be as dangerous as serial killer Gray?

Patrick’s down but not out (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders cast: Patrick Trueman played by Rudolph Walker

Rum drinking Patrick Trueman played by Rudolph Walker is licking his wounds after the break-up of his marriage to Sheree, but we know he’ll be back on form soon!

Smooth-talking Patrick is dad to former Albert Square GP Anthony Trueman, and the late Paul.

Plus he recently discovered he was the biological dad of Sheree’s son, Isaac Baptiste and has supported him through his mental health struggles.

Patrick is devoted to his surrogate daughters Kim and Denise Fox, and is enjoying getting to know Denise’s young son Raymond.

Happily married to Jack, it’s hasn’t always been easy for Denise (Credit: BBC)

Denise Fox played by Diane Parish

Denise Fox played by Diane Parish has been through all sorts of disasters in her time on the Square.

She was held hostage for months by her serial-killer husband Lucas Johnson while he pretended she was dead and her family grieved.

Vicar Lucas – dad to Denise’s daughter Chelsea – eventually went to jail for his crimes though he recently reappeared in Den’s life, bringing chaos with him.

Denise is now happily loved-up with new husband Jack Branning after a Christmas Day wedding, and bringing up young son Raymond.

Den gave him up for adoption after she unexpectedly became pregnant after a one-night-stand with Phil Mitchell. But now he’s back with her and she’s determined to keep him away from his real dad!

EastEnders spoilers July 6
Kim is building up an influencer business (Credit: BBC)

Kim Fox played by Tameka Empson

Foxcatcher Kim Fox played by Tameka Empson is the Square’s resident matchmaker. She’s a devoted mum to her kids and is keeping busy running her business.

She has recently discovered her husband, who has been missing for three years, is dead.

When she found out Denise knew and kept Phil Mitchell’s involvement from her in exchange for money, Kim was disgusted and tried to leave.

Eventually though, she was persuaded to stay when Denise promised to involve the police.

Kim has an admirer in Howie Danes and has embarked on a relationship with him.

She’s throwing herself wholeheartedly into her career as the ‘Kimfluencer’.

Pearl Fox played by Arayah Harris-Buckle

Pearl was born into the EastEnders cast in dramatic fashion in the loos at The Queen Vic during the live episode to celebrate EastEnders’ 30th birthday in February 2015.

Her name is a nod to pearls being the precious stone for 30th wedding anniversaries.

Pearl is a gifted child and Kim is determined to provide the best education possible for her daughter.

Mica Fox

Pearl’s little brother Mica arrived just as dramatically as his big sister. He was delivered by Phil Mitchell in the Minute Mart!

EastEnders Tue Feb 22 Howie lends Kim professional video equipment
Children’s entertainer Howie has fallen for Kim (Credit: BBC)

Howie Danes played by Delroy Atkinson

Howie Danes played by Delroy Atkinson arrived in the EastEnders cast in October 2021 having stolen deceased Vincent Fox’s wallet and created a new identity for himself.

He has reappeared to help Kim out and went to the police about Phil Mitchell’s involvement in Vincent’s murder.

Howie has a crush on Kim and is helping her in any way he can.

They have finally made things official and Howie’s son now lives with them.

Will it work out?

EastEnders Chelsea lays into Denzel as he plays his computer game
Howie’s son is already in trouble (Credit: BBC)

Denzel Danes, played by Jaden Ladega

Howie’s son, Denzel, played by Jaden Ladega, is already causing trouble.

He’s grown closer to Amy Mitchell, but doesn’t know how to deal with the rumours spreading about them.

Can he find a way to support Amy?

Chelsea is drawn to trouble (Credit: BBC)

Chelsea Atkins played by Zaraah Abrahams

Wannabe trophy wife Chelsea Fox played by Zaraah Abrahams has struggled with drug addiction and has a very questionable moral code.

Chelsea’s problems are normally of her own making, but it’s no surprise she’s drawn to trouble considering her dad is ‘Enders serial killer Lucas Johnson.

Since she returned to Walford, Chelsea married serial killer Gray Atkins and had his baby. It wasn’t long before he began abusing her and she knew she’d made a terrible mistake.

Gray has thankfully finally been apprehended for his crimes after Chelsea recorded his confession.

Chelsea works in Peggy’s and she and Whitney are trying to support each other after the wreckage Gray left behind.

Raymond is settling into the Square (Credit: BBC)

Raymond Dawkins played by Michael Jose Pomares Clixte

Little Raymond Dawkins played by Michael Jose Pomares Clixte, is the son of Denise Fox and Phil Mitchell.

He was adopted when he was born but Denise got her little boy back after his adopted parents were killed in a car accident.

Now Denise is busy trying to keep Raymond’s dad Phil away from the tot.

Jordan Atkins

The baby son of Chelsea and Gray Atkins, Jordan was born very prematurely.

He is out of hospital now, but mum Chelsea is struggling with what his dad did and even considered putting her son up for adoption.

EastEnders Ash looks upset as she talks to Suki
There’s trouble ahead for Ash (Credit: BBC)

Ash Kaur played by Gurlaine Kaur Garcha

Ash Kaur played by Gurlaine Kaur Garcha is the only daughter in the Panesar family. She’s an aspiring doctor and often at loggerheads with her overbearing mum, Suki.

Suki’s interfered with Ash’s career, much to her daughter’s annoyance, and in her love-life – even going as far as having a fling with Ash’s fella Peter Beale.

Finally snapping, Ash left the Square earlier this year for a break from her mum.

Ash returned and immediately Suki was up to her old tricks again.

She managed to get Ash to join the family GP surgery.

Karen looks shocked on EastEnders
Loud and brash, but much-loved (Credit: BBC)

Karen Taylor played by Lorraine Stanley

Ferocious mum Karen Taylor played by Lorraine Stanley is fiercely proud of her kids. She’s devoted to daughter Bernadette Taylor and sons Keegan Baker, Keanu Taylor and twins Chatham and Riley.

She was devastated when her oldest child, Chantelle Atkins died, and even more heartbroken when she discovered Gray killed her.

Karen’s also taken in Bailey Baker, who’s the daughter of her ex, Mitch Baker.

Karen had a romance with Billy Mitchell, and then embarked on a second chance with Mitch. However, things ended again and the pair are trying to stay friends instead.

Bernie’s got a difficult decision ahead (Credit: BBC)

Bernadette Taylor played by Clair Norris

Fiercely protective of her family, Bernadette Taylor played by Clair Norris, has gone the extra mile to make some cash for them.

She recently gave birth to Roland for Stuart and Rainie Highway, but has found giving up her son hard.

So she’s throwing herself into work at the Panesars’ pest control business. But that means organising a protest against poor working conditions and unfair contracts.

She is also proud of her sexuality, though she’s not been lucky in love.

Previously best friends with Tiffany, she’s now struck up a friendship with Dotty Cotton.

He’s trying to be the best dad he can be, but Mitch was left devastated after Chantelle’s death (Credit: BBC)

Mitch Baker played by Roger Griffiths

Mitch Baker played by Roger Griffiths is Keegan and Bailey’s dad, and Karen’s ex. He’s not been the best partner or dad in the past, though he seems determined to make up for lost time.

When Bailey’s mum died, he stepped up and took the little girl under his wing.

Mitch was also Chantelle Atkins’ dad and felt distraught when he realised Gray had killed her. Mitch had long been suspicious of Gray’s Mr Nice Guy act, but blamed himself for not doing more.

He’s desperate to make a go of things with Karen again, but can they really make it work?

Mitch was recently surprised by the arrival of his estranged brother Avery.

The pair made it up just before Avery died from cancer.

Youngster Bailey is a breath of fresh air in Albert Square (Credit: BBC)

Bailey Baker played by Kara-Leah Fernandes

Bailey Baker played by Kara-Leah Fernandes was a young carer for her mum. When she died Bailey moved to Albert Square.

She’s super clever, and sweet-natured and constantly let down by well-meaning but useless dad Mitch.

Bailey ran away from home, thinking her presence was causing the Taylor/Bakers money problems. Her family rallied round to find her and since then Bailey’s felt more at home.

Last year she went on a mission to save the planet.

EastEnders Kim talks to Felix
Kim and Felix have hit it off already (Credit: BBC)

Felix Baker played by Matthew Morrison

Mitch’s nephew Felix Baker, played by Matthew Morrison, joined the EastEnders cast with his brother Finlay and dad Avery.

Felix is a drag queen whose alias is Tara Masu.

He’s quick and witty , but fiercely loyal to his family.

Finlay Baker talks to smiling Whitney Dean in EastEnders
Finlay is a recent addition to the EastEnders cast 2022 (Credit: BBC)

Finlay Baker played by Ashley Byam

The adopted son of Avery Baker and brother of Felix, Finlay is the charmer of the family.

But charm will only get you so far in Walford!

Vi tells it as it is (Credit: BBC)

Violet Highway played by Gwen Taylor

Stuart and Callum’s grandmother, Violet Highway played by Gwen Taylor is a straight-talking pensioner who likes to tell it how it is.

She was only meant to stay for Callum’s wedding to Ben Mitchell, but somehow she’s made a home for herself in Albert Square, and we have to admit, we like it!

However, she revealed her big secret last year – that she had given up a son for adoption.

She was cast out by Stuart who reacted angrily to the news, believing it to be the reason he spent his life in care.

Although Stuart tried to stop her leaving, he didn’t catch her in time.

She returned earlier this year, however, to help Stuart fight his cancer battle. But can she find her son as well?

Rocky isn’t who he says he is. (Credit: BBC)

Rocky AKA Terry Cant AKA Thomas Cotton played by Brian Conley

Newcomer Rocky AKA Terry Cant AKA Thomas Cotton played by Brian Conley, arrived in Walford claiming to be Sonia Jackson’s long-lost dad, Terry.

He convinced poor Son he was for real and won her trust over several months. But then it was revealed that Rocky isn’t Terry Cant as he claimed and is instead Dotty Cotton’s Uncle Tommy.

The Cottons were planning to fleece Dot Cotton out of her money, with the help of Sonia who has control of Dot’s finances.

Sonia discovered the truth about her ‘dad’ on Christmas Day – and Dotty also discovered he wasn’t her uncle, but actually her father.

Rocky has worked hard and managed to get girlfriend Kathy to forgive him. But can he persuade Sonia to as well?

Janine returns and Mick is pleased in EastEnders
She’s got her man – but for how long? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders cast: Janine Butcher played by Charlie Brooks

When Janine Butcher played by Charlie Brooks arrived back in Albert Square, the whole nation cheered. The residents of Albert Square, though, weren’t as happy to see her!

Janine has spent her time trying to win back custody of her daughter Scarlett. But proving herself a fit mother has been a challenge.

Eventually Janine won the courts over and went out to celebrate – leaving Scarlett locked out all night. Not the best start.

Janine has also set her sights firmly on Mick Carter and has so far been successful. They are engaged and Janine is pregnant.

But the spectre of his ex-wife Linda looms large and all of Janine’s scheming to get rid of her haven’t worked.

And chances are, it will all come back to bite her just in time for Charlie’s upcoming exit

EastEnders Mon 24 Jan Scarlett is thrilled with a special present from Mick, which Mick tells her was Janine's idea
Scarlett is a bookworm (Credit: BBC)

Scarlett Butcher played by Tabitha Byron

Janine’s daughter Scarlett Butcher, played by Tabitha Byron, is most definitely not following in her mum’s footsteps.

Sweet, bookish Scarlett has been in foster care and was being looked after by Kat Slater after Janine proved unable to look after her properly.

But Janine managed to regain custody – and promptly left Scarlett outside all night! Can Scarlett really live with her mum?

Harvey and Jean have had quite a ride recently (Credit: BBC)

Harvey Monroe played by Ross Boatman

Cabbie Harvey Monroe  arrived in Albert Square last year

Harvey’s dad to Dana and Aaron. He’s a little over-protective and doesn’t always say or do the right thing.

After a whirlwind romance with Jean, they got engaged, but Harvey couldn’t see she was in the middle of a manic episode.

He has eventually realised it wasn’t real and he was using her as a distraction from his problem son, Aaron, who is in prison after being part of a far-right gang.

Ross was awarded Best Newcomer at this year’s British Soap Awards so is definitely a worth addition to the EastEnders cast!

Even super-solicitor Ritchie can’t get Phil out of this one (Credit: BBC)

Ritchie Scott played by Sian Webber

Whenever Phil Mitchell is in trouble there’s one person he calls: Ritchie Scott.

Phil’s faithful lawyer has got him out of more scraps than he can remember, but this latest one, which sees him facing life in prison, even super solicitor Ritchie is struggling with.

Ritchie might not be a regular part of the EastEnders cast, but she’s certainly an important part of it!

She doesn’t have storylines, but Tracey is integral to the show (Credit: BBC)

Tracey played by Jane Slaughter

Tracey the barmaid has been an extra on EastEnders since day one.

Every now and then Tracey has a few lines and even confessed to sleeping with Phil Mitchell on one occasion!

Another non-regular in the EastEnders cast – where would Walford be without Tracey?!

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