Hope Stape in Coronation Street

Hope Stape’s latest chaos on Coronation Street: Behind cousin’s disappearance

Who are actress Isabella Flanagan's famous siblings?

Hope Stape in Coronation Street is the tiny troublemaker who seems intent on causing chaos wherever she goes.

And in her latest stunt it’s been revealed she’s behind the disappearance of her cousin Joseph Brown.

After her stint at a special school in Birmingham, her parents Fiz Stape and Tyrone Dobbs thought she was getting better, but the last year has proved Hope is as troubled as ever.

Will she ever get punished for her many crimes?

Hope is trouble (Credit: ITV)

Who plays Hope Stape in Coronation Street?

Hope has been played by young actress Isabella Flanagan since 2017. She took over from twins Faith and Nicole Holt, who shared the role.

Isabella comes from a showbiz family. Her twin brother, William, is also in Corrie. He plays Hope’s cousin, Joseph Brown.

Isabella’s big sister Amelia plays April in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

And the twins’ older sister Amelia Flanagan is beloved to Emmerdale fans for her portrayal of April Windsor.

Hope Stape in Coronation Street and her family

Hope was born back in 2010, after the dramatic tram crash that rocked Coronation Street.

Her dad, John Stape, was in the middle of his murderous rampage at the time and, in fact, killed one of his victims – Charlotte Hoyle – on the same day Hope was born.

Fiz was oblivious to her husband’s awful deeds, until the truth was revealed several months later, and he tried to scarper with baby Hope.

Hope’s real dad is Corrie murderer John Stape (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

To add to poor Fiz’s trauma, he legged it and left her to take the rap for his crimes. She even went to prison for a while as she waited to go on trial.

When John returned, he kidnapped Rosie Webster and crashed his car. His deathbed confession meant Fiz was off the hook and she returned to the Street.

Not the best beginning for little Hope!

Hope’s also suffered with cancer, though she made a full recovery, and then with the behavioural problems that sent her to a special school in Birmingham.

Hope and her sister

Though Hope and Ruby have been raised as sisters, they’re not biologically related. Ruby is Tyrone’s daughter with his violent ex, Kirsty.

Jade wanted revenge on Fiz and she was determined to take Hope away (Credit: ITV)

Instead Hope discovered she had a real half-sister, Jade Rowan. She’d met Hope when she was at the special school and followed her to Weatherfield, intent on revenge on Fiz.

Jade was also John’s daughter, and convinced Fiz was responsible for his death.

She made it look like Fiz was abusing her little girls and worked hard to get social services to let her look after Hope.

But fortunately Jade’s evil deeds were eventually revealed, and Hope was returned to her mum.

Is Alina in danger from little Hope? (Credit: ITV)

Is Hope Stape a pyromaniac in Coronation Street?

Hope has a history of setting fires.

She set fire to the factory and was almost trapped inside. She also set the family trampoline alight.

When Tyrone left the family to set up home with Alina Pop last year, Hope reacted badly.

She especially freaked out when Alina fell pregnant and set fire to the flat she and Ty shared.

Although Alina survived, she lost the baby.

Hope was eventually reported to the police, but was spared time in Young Offender’s, instead being told she needed therapy and the help of her family to help control her behaviour.

Hope hiding Joseph

Now it’s been revealed Hope is hiding cousin Joseph in Fiz’s attic.

Will anyone realise who’s behind the lad’s disappearance before it’s too late?

And will Hope finally be taken to task and dealt with for her years of troubling behaviour?

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