Brenda Walker in Emmerdale

Brenda Walker seeks revenge on Rhona in Emmerdale after street scuffle

She's not Cathy and Heath's real mum, but she loves them

Brenda Walker in Emmerdale is out for revenge on Rhona Goskirk after a scuffle in the street over Cathy Hope’s trolling of April Windsor.

Brenda Walker in Emmerdale is played by Lesley Dunlop (Credit: )

Brenda’s not Cathy’s real mum, but she loves the teenager – and her twin brother Heath – fiercely and it seems she’ll do anything to back them up. Even going as far as wanting Rhona behind bars for pushing her.

Brenda’s family

Brenda arrived in Emmerdale in 2008, visiting her adopted daughter Genesis Pascoe – known as Gennie – after she’d been in an accident.

Gennie and Nikhil got married and had baby Molly (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Gennie herself had come to the village to get to know her biological father Shadrach Dingle, and Brenda settled down in Emmerdale too. She started a romance with Bob Hope, and Gennie got together with Nikhil Sharma and gave birth to baby Molly.

Brenda’s brain tumour

Poor Brenda was diagnosed with a brain tumour and was told she would need to have a risky operation. Gennie didn’t want to go ahead with her wedding until she knew her mum was okay, but Brenda was nervous about the op.

Brenda did go along to Gennie’s wedding but collapsed and eventually went ahead with the treatment for her tumour. Bob proposed and the pair had a sweet handfasting ceremony, arranged by Gennie.

Bob and Brenda have a complicated history (Credit: ITV)

But just days later, Gennie was killed. At first her family thought she died in a car accident, though she was actually a victim of Emmerdale serial killer Cameron Murray.

Brenda and Bob

Though Brenda and Bob were happy for some years, with Brenda growing very close to Bob’s children Cathy and Heath, their marriage became strained.

It turned out Bob was having an affair with Laurel Thomas and when Brenda found out she was heartbroken.

Brenda went through with her wedding, despite her doubts (Credit: ITV)

But she still went ahead with their planned wedding.

The marriage, though, only lasted until the reception! When Brenda announced she couldn’t go on, and threw her ring back at her new husband.

Brenda and Eric

Now after a few bumps along the way Brenda’s loved up with Eric Pollard.

emmerdale eric and brenda
Brenda and Eric are a couple in real life which was handy during socially distant filming! (Credit: ITV)

Their romance was something that proved handy during lockdown and social distancing regulations because Eric and Brenda are a couple in real life!

Who plays Brenda Walker in Emmerdale?

Brenda Walker in Emmerdale is played by experienced television actress Lesley Dunlop.

been on our screens since she was a child in the 1970s, starting her career in a BBC adaptation of A Little Princess.

Lesley’s been on our screens since the 1970s (Credit: ITV)

Since then she’s starred in films and television shows including leading roles in Where the Heart Is, and playing Zoe Callendar opposite Anton Rogers in the long-running BBC sitcom May to December.

She’s so dedicated to her career that she even shaved her head when she was playing Brenda’s brain tumour storyline!

Lesley has two daughters with her former partner Christopher Guard and in 2016 she married her Emmerdale co-star Chris Chittell, aka Eric Pollard.

What’s next for Brenda?

Brenda’s on the warpath currently, determined to protect stepdaughter Cathy from Rhona Goskirk’s accusations.

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But now the truth has come out, will she back down and let Rhona off the hook? We’re not convinced!

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