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Butch Dingle’s journey in Emmerdale: marriages, family, and fate

Butch is a member of the Dingle family

Butch Dingle was in Emmerdale from 1994 until 2000, but what happened to Butch, who played him and what happened during his years in the village?

Who is Butch Dingle?

Butch is the son of Zak Dingle and Nellie Dingle and was born on August 23 1972.

He was born Francis Albert Dingle and got the nickname Butch at six years old when his wanted to dry and press flowers in a book.

His father Zak worried he was too sensitive and began calling him Butch.

He is the brother of Nathan Dingle, Ben Dingle, Sam Dingle and Tina Dingle. Butch is also the half-brother of Cain Dingle and Belle Dingle.

Butch at his half-sister Belle’s christening (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

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How many times was Butch married?

Butch began stalking Sophie Wright after he lost his virginity to her at New Year 1996/1997.

He began stalking her as he was unable to handle being rejected by her, but Zak took a belt to him when he found out.

In 1998 Butch got married to his cousin Mandy Dingle.

Butch got married to Mandy in 1998 (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Butch had been in love with Mandy but she only married him for financial gain and not because she loved him.

Mandy was really in love with Paddy Kirk, and ended up cheating on Butch with Paddy.

When Butch found out about their affair, he was furious and the Dingles disowned her for her infidelity.

Eventually Zak and Lisa forgave Mandy and she went on to marry Paddy.

Butch later fell in love with Emily Wylie and in 2000 they got married on his death bed.

Emily is Butch’s second wife (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

How and when did Butch Dingle die?

Butch died exactly 22 years ago on March 24 2000.

He had been a passenger on the community bus when an out of control lorry, driven by Pete Collins, collided with the bus.

Butch was told his injuries were too severe to be treated.

Before dying he married Emily on his deathbed.

He was buried next to his brother Ben who died six years before.

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Who played Butch Dingle?

Butch was played by actor Paul Loughran.

What else has Paul Loughran been in?

After leaving Emmerdale Paul continued acting.

In 2003 he played Eddie in TV series I Fought The Law.

In 1992, before Emmerdale, Paul had a role in Coronation Street playing P.C Goldman.

Paul played Craig’s dad in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

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In 2016, Paul played Darryl Parkins in Corrie – who is the biological father of Craig Tinker.

He’s also had roles in Jericho, Moving On, Doctors, Blue Murder, Heartbeat, The Bill, Mobile, Ideal and The Royal.

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