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Neighbours review: An enticing mix of old and new – but huge wedding twist left us VERY confused!

A lot of time has passed since we waved goodbye to Ramsay Street…

Around this time last year, Neighbours fans were heartbroken as the soap aired the finale of all finales as the soap ended “for good.”

However, Amazon Freevee then bought the rights to the soap and announced a reboot.

Neighbours is officially back on our screens today (Monday, September 18), but is it worth the watch?

Neighbours' Harold is smiling in a promo shot
Harold returned to Ramsay St (Credit: Jane Zhang/Amazon Freevee)

New and old faces entered the new era of Neighbours

Viewers might remember that the previous season finale of Neighbours ended with the residents of Ramsay Street, past and present, wishing Melanie and Toadie a happy marriage.

The new reboot follows this theme as new and former faces joined together to mark a new era of Ramsay Street. This sees many of them getting ready for Terese’s wedding.

Plain Jane and Susan Kennedy stuck around for the soap’s reboot. Alongside them, other old faces returned to Ramsay Street to join them.

Imogen Willis returned for her mum’s wedding. Daniel Robinson, Angie and Callum Rebecchi also made an appearance at the wedding.

New faces also rocked up on Ramsay Street too, with old favourite Harold Bishop arriving back from Queensland and providing the perfect bridge to the new era by showing newcomer JJ Varga-Murphy a book on the history of Ramsay Street.

The mixture of new and old worked perfectly in restoring everything fans loved about Neighbours whilst keeping it current and fresh.

Neighbours' Reece Sinclair holding up the Ramsay St sign
The wedding had a big twist to it (Credit: Jane Zhang/Amazon Freevee)

Time has passed since we last saw the neighbours

The last time we saw the neighbours of Ramsay Street was at Melanie and Toadie’s wedding.

However, it’s clear that a lot of time has passed since this moment and it’s also safe to say that a lot has changed.

It was a little hard to keep up with as Jane was seen video calling Mike who was currently in London. The last time we saw Mike, he’d been in Ramsay Street.

Then, things got even more confusing as the soap aired a big twist. Throughout the episode, Terese could be seen getting ready for her wedding.

It would be fair to believe that Terese was set to wed Paul Robinson. They’d finally got back together in the finale last year and it seemed that things had progressed since then.

However, a huge twist aired at the end of the episode that saw Terese actually meet Toadie at the end of the aisle!

Confusing, right? Terese was no longer with Paul and Toadie certainly wasn’t married to Melanie any more!

A complete cast shot of the New Neighbours, soon to air on Amazon Freevee
Confusing but enjoyable (Credit: Amazon Freevee)

Review: The verdict is in – is Neighbours worth the watch?

Neighbours is finally back and this new era of the soap looks so good. The combination of new and old is sure to entice old fans and new ones, with the streaming format working in its favour.

A lot has changed since last year’s finale which can make for a rather confusing episode for both new and old fans as they are left with many gaps that need filling. An explanation for these changes was rather glazed over.

However, this being said, it was because of this ambiguity that the huge wedding twist worked so well. Now, viewers are left eager to know just how the wedding between Toadie and Terese came to be. What happened between Toadie and Melanie? Why isn’t Terese still with Paul?

Overall, the new episode of Neighbours is enjoyable but also a little confusing in places. However, with more episode set to air very soon, it looks as though viewers may just get the answers they’re looking for!

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