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Neighbours characters that need to move to UK soaps

These five characters need to move to the UK immediately

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Neighbours being axed came as a shock to millions of viewers – past and present.

The Australian soap is packed with great characters and an almost 40 year history but it just isn’t doing the business.

However the characters are – and we think some of them should move to British soaps.

Susan and Karl would be the best neighbours! (Credit: Channel 5/Fremantle Media)

Susan and Karl Kennedy

There is just simply no other way for anyone to escape Erinsborough unless they are Dr Karl Kennedy.

He is Neighbours. Ask anyone and he is who they think of when they think of the little Australian soap that could.

Everyone needs what? Dr Karl.

He’s perfectly suited to joining Doctors, or Casualty – or even Emmerdale at a push with their doctors being a bit strange too.

And you cannot have Karl without Susan.

She is the sanity to his insanity – the decent one who didn’t cheat with a trollop half her age years ago and split up the only family she’s ever known.

Admittedly she did have a bit of an emotional attachment with a dying builder, who hasn’t?

Every community needs a Susan at its helm – and we’ll wager the schools of Walford and Weatherfield both need a good head teacher.

Andrea Somers is one of the soap's biggest and best creations (Credit: Channel 5)
Andrea Somers is one of the soap’s biggest and best creations (Credit: Channel 5)

Andrea Somers

Now the temptation is to keep nice Dee Bliss around after Neighbours shuffles off its mortal coil, but that would be wrong.

If Meena Jutla has taught us anything about soaps it’s that a mad woman is an excellent character.

And no-one is more mad than Andrea who impersonated her long-lost twin sister for fun.

She’s currently in prison – having shoved her sister off a cliff – but she should escape to England and give Meena a run for her money.

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Best bits: The Iconic Toadfish | Neighbours


You can’t think of Neighbours without thinking of Toadie.

He was once the feral friend of Karl and Susan’s son Billy – and now he’s the heart of the community.

A lawyer, newlywed Toadie has decided to sell up and leave Ramsay Street for a fresh start with his new wife, Melanie. Where better to do that than the UK?

There’s an opening for partner at Adam’s law firm in Coronation Street after Imran died.

Why wouldn’t Toadie swap the Australian sunshine for the rain of Manchester?!

Paul Robinson is Neighbour's biggest villain (Credit: Channel 5)
Paul Robinson is Neighbour’s biggest villain (Credit: Channel 5)

Paul Robinson

Who doesn’t love a villain?

He’s Kim Tate without the power suits – and has had more wives than Gail Platt‘s had husbands.

Paul is a ruthless businessman, tempered by a brain tumour and years as an international fugitive.

He’s off to New York, but he’d be far more suited buying up and transforming all of Debbie Webster‘s failing hotels and restaurants and moving to Weatherfield.

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Neighbours Finale, Kylie and Jason return (Credit: Channel 5/Fremantle Media)

Charlene and Scott

Well, we can dream can’t we?

The ultimate teenage lovebirds made a return to Ramsay Street at the very end of the final episode, calling it ‘Home sweet home’.

But what if it wasn’t?

What if they packed up and moved to the UK.

Mechanic Charlene could easily get work at the Arches in EastEnders – or Cain and Debbie’s garage in Emmerdale, or even with Kev and Tyrone in Corrie.

Although, they have survived 35 years of marriage, and one way to kill that is to join a UK soap – after all, they always destroy their best couples.

Maybe Scott and Charlene should stay put: protect them at all costs!

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