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Emmerdale’s Katie and Andy Sugden: Teen Romance to Love Triangle Drama

She surprised fans with news of her secret wedding!

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Katie and Andy Sugden in Emmerdale were one of the soap’s most talked-about couples.

Their relationship went from cute teen romance to toxic love triangle, with all sorts of ups and downs – and wedding dramas – in between.

So what was their story? And where is Katie actress Sammy Winward now?

Emmerdale Andy Sugden and Katie Addyman go on their first date
They were teenage sweethearts (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Katie and Andy – teen sweethearts

Andy Sugden and Katie Addyman got together as teenagers, though Andy Sugden’s brother, Robert Sugden, also fancied Katie and wanted to date her.

Their early romance was immediately plunged into drama when the teens, along with their friends went on a night out and missed the bus home.

Andy stole a car, which was driven home by Marc Reynolds. But Marc knocked down and killed the kids’ headteacher Jean Strickland.

Horrified, the youngsters left poor Ms Strickland lying in the road and burned the car. But they later confessed and Marc was sent to prison, while the others got community service.

Katie and Andy look worried after finding out she is pregnant
There was a pregnancy shock for the young couple (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Did Andy and Katie have a baby?

The young lovers got serious pretty quickly, despite their fathers’ objection. They decided to prove they were ready for love by starting a family.

It wasn’t long before 15-year-old Katie was pregnant.

The couple remained firm when it was suggested she have an abortion, however it wasn’t long before Andy started to have doubts.

As he faced the reality of fatherhood, he decided a termination was the best option. Katie was devastated and left to live with her mum. She miscarried weeks later.

Robert Katie and Andy pose for press shot on Andy and Katie's wedding day looking serious
Their first marriage didn’t last long (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Andy and Katie reunited

The couple got back together when she returned and Andy proposed. But Katie was feeling neglected and began an affair with Andy’s brother, Robert.

When they were caught by Andy’s other brother – the troubled teenager Daz Eden – Katie persuaded Andy to put him back into care.

She and Andy tied the knot, but Katie couldn’t resist Robert and they continued their affair. After being caught again – this time by the Sugden brothers’ little sister, Victoria, Katie and Robert’s affair was revealed.

She and Andy divorced, and Katie moved into a caravan with Robert. But, it wasn’t long before he was cheating on her – this time with Sadie King.

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Katie left the village for a while, and when she returned Andy was struggling with being a dad to daughter Sarah.

He and Katie got back together but their lodger,  Jo Stiles, had her eye on Andy and you’ve guessed it – they started an affair.

Katie Sugden and Perdita Sinclair celebrate the birth of a baby boy
Katie gave birth to a baby boy for Perdita (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Pregnancy dramas

For a few years, Katie and Andy were apart.

But that didn’t stop the drama!

Andy went to prison for a while, and fought for custody of little Sarah. Meanwhile Katie got involved with toxic Perdita Hyde-Sinclair, her husband Grayson, and his mother, Rosemary King.

Katie went into business with Perdita, and developed feelings for Grayson. She agreed to be a surrogate for the couple, though she regretted it when she realised how unstable their marriage was.

She eventually gave birth to a baby boy and signed over her rights to Perdita, but Grayson wasn’t happy and even kidnapped poor Katie at gunpoint to persuade her to tell him where the baby was!

How many times was Katie married?

Katie was soon about to embark on her second marriage of three after flirting up a storm with Declan Macey.

She moved in with him, but Megan – Declan’s half-sister – took a huge dislike to Katie. Megan’s creepy son Robbie Lawson took a huge liking to Katie, which made life tricky for her.

Declan and Katie got married, with Megan shoving Katie’s face into the cake on the wedding day in classic soap style!

Katie and Andy Sugden in Emmerdale pose for a wedding photo at their second wedding
It was almost second time lucky for Katie and Andy Sugden in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Andy and Katie Sugden back together in Emmerdale

A few years – and several more ill-advised romances – later, Katie and Andy got back together after being spotted kissing by Andy’s current girlfriend, Bernice Blackstock.

Almost immediately, though, they ran into problems when Robert returned to the village with a fiancée, Chrissie White, in tow.

Katie and Andy remarried, but his feud with Robert had been well and truly reignited and this time it was Katie who wanted revenge on Robert.

Katie shouts at Robert at her wedding to Andy in Emmerdale
Katie was fuming when she discovered Robert had ‘village bike’ engraved on her wedding ring (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Katie’s death

As Robert and Chrissie’s wedding day approached, Katie became convinced he was having an affair.

She was right – he was sleeping with Aaron Dingle – but Robert denied it. Until the morning of the wedding when Katie got a text from Aaron, saying he knew Robert was having an affair and to go to Wylie’s Farm.

Katie went but she was shocked to find Aaron and Robert together. She took a photograph on her phone.

Furious Robert tried to get the phone from Katie, there was a struggle and the floor gave way, with Katie falling to her death.

Robert and Aaron covered up her death and Robert walked down the aisle with Chrissie, leaving a heartbroken Andy to find poor Katie.

Katie and Robert Sugden
Katie confronted Robert, but it was the last thing she did (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

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Who played Katie Sugden in Emmerdale?

Katie was played by actress Sammy Winward. She was only a teenager when she landed the role in Emmerdale and was 30 when Katie was killed off in 2015.

Sammy was engaged to footballer David Dunn and the pair had a daughter together, Mia, in 2005.

Mia’s now working in showbiz herself as a make-up artist.

Is Sammy Winward married?

Sammy is still acting and was recently cast as the lead in The Saturday After. She also recently starred in Lead Belly with Hollyoaks actor Jamie Lomas.

And she’s also spending lots of time decorating her gorgeous period home and sharing the results on her Instagram feed.

In 2021, she surprised fans by revealing she’d been married to human resources manager Martyn Hardy, for four years.

She shared a photo on her Instagram feed and wrote: “Six years today since I got engaged to the love of my life, four years married, 24 years of friendship and still going strong. Here’s to 24+ more.”

Fans were stunned as many didn’t even realise she had a boyfriend!

“I didn’t even know you were married. I thought it was just you and your lovely lookalike daughter. He looks like a great guy,” said one.

“Well done to them for being able to keep it private,” added another.

A third said: “I didn’t know you were married.”

It has since been revealed Martyn and Sammy were childhood sweethearts as she has shared a series of pics from their school days when they first met.

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