Coronation Street's Damon and, in a bubble, is Leanne

Coronation Street’s Damon arrested for drug possession, may return by June

Is this it for Damon?

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In tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (Wednesday February 8, 2023), Damon got arrested after being caught with drugs in his car boot.

He was then questioned at the police station, with Craig informing Leanne and Nick about Damon’s non-cooperation.

But has Damon left Coronation Street for good?

Damon got caught with the drugs (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Damon got arrested

Tonight, Craig informed Leanne and Nick that the police had arrested two suspects for the gun robbery.

Leanne then phoned Nick and told him to get rid of the drugs.

Nick gave Damon an ultimatum, giving him the choice to collect the drugs or he’d flush them down the toilet.

Damon collected the drugs and put the holdall in his car boot before getting into the driver’s seat.

However, as he was doing so, the police came and arrested him.

It turned out that Nick had called the cops on Damon.

He was arrested for possession with the intent to supply.

Later on, Craig told Leanne and Nick that Damon was being non-cooperative in his interview.

Craig wanted to interview Leanne to see if she knew anything due to Damon being Harvey’s brother.

She pretended that this was the first she was hearing about it.

But, has Damon gone for good?

Damon is proving to be a worse villain than any Corrie fan suspected (Credit: ITV)
Damon’s coming back (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Will Damon return to the cobbles?

Coronation Street producer, Iain Macleod, has revealed that Damon will return to the cobbles as he’s expected to stay in the soap until at least June.

He revealed: “There’s something about a bad boy isn’t there and as the year goes on, he has a magnetic attraction for a notable high-profile female character who ends up having her head turned which has far reaching consequences.

“We’re currently working on June storylines with a build-up and a colossal explosion in that story involving Damon and this love story that will be on air then.”

But, who could Damon form a romantic connection with?

Leanne looks unhappy while Damon talks to Nick on Corrie
Could Leanne cheat on Nick with Damon? (Credit: ITV)

Fans think that Damon will return for an affair with Leanne

The last thing on Leanne’s mind should be dating Harvey’s brother, Damon.

However, Coronation Street fans think that Damon will return to have an affair with Leanne.

One fan wrote: “Damon and Leanne are going to be [fire] when they inevitably hit it.”

Another viewer wrote: “Leanne and Damon are definitely going to have an affair or she’ll play him like she tried to do with Harvey.”

A third Corrie fan asked: “I wonder if Damon will try and pursue Leanne for an affair or Leanne will try and seduce Damon to try and get him on side and trap him for evidence?”

Could Damon return for an affair with Leanne?

No matter what, we haven’t seen the last of the drug dealer.

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Coronation Street - Leanne Clash With Damon After Finding Out The Truth (3rd February 2023)

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