Emmerdale SPOILER: Charity and Vanessa get it on!

The surprise union can only spell trouble

We suspected it after a recent Emma Atkins interview and now it’s been confirmed: Charity Dingle and Vanessa Woodfield will share a steamy snog in the cellar of the Woolpack.

After getting trapped in the basement together when the door shuts on them, they hit the bottle.

As they’re not really the best of mates, given Charity’s affair with Vanessa’s dad, Frank Clayton, booze is the only way to stay sane until they’re rescued – or so they think.

One thing soon leads to another and the pair start kissing – but will it lead to more? And does this mean they’re going to start a full-blown relationship?

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Speaking to Digital Spy, Emma revealed: “It starts to unravel and go in different directions.

“Suddenly there is a moment that Charity kind of jumps on and seizes, as she is a complete opportunist.

“There’s no attraction whatsoever between them up until this point. In a way, that is interesting for the audience, as sometimes things do happen out of the blue.”

She went on to add: “Charity would certainly not turn away a situation that might be beneficial to her. It will certainly wind up Frank when he finds out…

“Charity’s cogs are always whirring. They are always ticking away in the background.”

Ah, so does that mean she’s using Vanessa to get to her former fling Frank? He surely won’t be very happy to find out his ex and his daughter.

“[Charity] just thinks she can! She’s free to toy with whoever she wants. She is just that way inclined,” Emma continued.

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“She probably does fancy Vanessa and wants to explore that. She knows Vanessa is unsure of her own sexuality, so she is enjoying the flirtatiousness and vulnerability on Vanessa’s part.”

Speaking about what happens the next day, Michelle Hardwick, who plays Vanessa added: “Vanessa goes back to Charity to talk it out.

“But then she gets reeled in by Charity – and this time it’s more than a kiss…”

Could this really actually be something?

It’s not the first time either of them have experimented with the opposite sex. Charity famously had a long-term relationship with Zoe Tate, while she was married to her brother, Chris.

Meanwhile, Vanessa had a fling with Rhona Goskirk, while she was married to Paddy.

Carena Crawford
Associate Editor (Soaps)

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