Emmerdale star Sheree Murphy reveals she just wanted a break from the soap when Tricia was killed off

Sheree's character Tricia was killed off in 2004

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Emmerdale legend Sheree Murphy has revealed her shock at being axed – when she only wanted a break from the soap.

The actress played Tricia Dingle for six years between 1998 and 2004.

Sheree Murphy
Sheree Murphy is married to footballer Harry Kewell (Credit: Splash News)

What did Sheree Murphy say about Emmerdale?

Tricia was one of the most popular characters in Emmerdale and her romance with Marlon Dingle legendary.

But after a tumultuous time in her personal life, Sheree wanted to take a break from the soap.

Instead bosses thought she wanted to leave and decided to kill her character off in a major disaster week of episodes.

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A huge storm ravaged the village and claimed Tricia’s life.

“It was very dramatic. It was very exciting,” Sheree told Soap From the Box podcast.

“We had massive wind machines and rain machines on set, and we had an air ambulance. Honestly, it was amazing and exciting, but quite a sad time as well.”

Emmerdale - Tricia Dingle Dies (2004)

How did Tricia leave Emmerdale?

“I decided to leave, but it was under circumstances where my dad had just died, I’d just had a baby, so I had two little ones under the age of two,” added the 45-year-old star.

“My husband [footballer Harry Kewell] was moving football clubs and they asked me to stay for another year.

“I just wanted to spend some more time with my mum in London, so I was in the wrong headspace.”

She added: “I remember Steve Frost the producer, when I told him I wanted to leave.

“What I really should have said was that I just wanted to spend a bit of time out. My head was all over the place.”

Tricia Dingle dies in Emmerdale
Tricia Dingle died in Emmerdale in hospital after being crushed in the storm (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Sheree added: “He said: ‘Oh great, we’ve got a really good storyline actually. We’re going to kill about four people off. We’re going to give it to you now!’ I was like: ‘Oh, okay!’ It was a bit of a shock.

“Now when I look at it, I think maybe I should have fought and said: ‘No, I will come back, I just need some time out’.

I love it when any old character comes back to a soap, so it would have been nice to do that.

“But then I look at all the other things I’ve done since I’ve left Emmerdale and things happen for a reason, don’t they?”

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And she revealed she would be well up for a return – despite the death.

“I think I was just sad because I loved playing Tricia so much,” she said.

“I love it when any old character comes back to a soap, so it would have been nice to do that.”

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