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Emmerdale star Eden Taylor-Draper drops massive hint Belle is in danger from ‘abusive’ Tom

Something isn't right about Tom King...

Eden Taylor-Draper has revealed her Emmerdale alter ego Belle Dingle could be in danger in upcoming scenes as she moves in with boyfriend Tom King.

The pair have reconnected since his return, but recently we’ve seen a more sinister side to him. And fans are convinced he’s not the Mr Nice Guy he seems.

Belle actress Eden has now dropped a huge hint that fans could be on to something…

Eden Taylor-Draper, who plays Belle in Emmerdale, poses on the red carpet at the Cure Usher ball
Eden opened up about her character’s future (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Eden Taylor-Draper on Tom King return

Speaking to Metro.co.uk at the recent Cure Usher ball, Eden said: “It’s hard because he’s a lovely guy and she’s in love with him, but who knows how much of a good guy he is.”

And recent scenes have certainly suggested he’s not that good at all…

Earlier this month Belle started to get jealous of his friendship with Dawn. And after Tom had his car stolen and was beaten up, he blamed Belle’s jealousy for the whole thing.

Fans immediately jumped on it and one theory suggested the relationship is set to turn abusive.

Belle and Tom smiling on Emmerdale
The couple are moving in together – but is it a good idea? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fan theory: Tom King to abuse Belle?

Some soap fans have noticed that Tom’s been acting suspicious and has been quick to lash out at Belle despite her only looking out for him.

One fan wrote: “Belle and Tom’s relationship doesn’t look like it’s heading down a nice path.”

Another fan added to the theory and questioned: “Is Tom and Belle’s relationship going to turn abusive I wonder?”

Replying to this idea, a third fan wondered: “I wonder if they are going to tease that he might be like Carl?”

There’s no denying that Tom’s late dad, Carl King, didn’t treat women that well (just ask Chas!) But, could Tom be turning into his father?

Tom tries to talk to Charles in the Woolpack
Tom got on the wrong end of an angry Charles (Credit: ITV)

Tom’s behaviour sparks more concern

Then this week on screen, Tom was seemingly forcing Belle to agree to move in with him. He also found himself in a violent altercation with Charles Anderson.

Many fans have pointed out Tom is definitely hiding something, dubbing him ‘a right little weasel.’ Meanwhile, others have found his behaviour with Belle to be suspect, particularly in his hurry to move in together.

What is Tom up to?

Writing on Twitter (now X), a number of Emmerdale fans called out Tom for his behaviour in this week’s episode.

“I don’t trust Tom. He is indirectly forcing Belle to move in with him. It’s creepy and borderline controlling,” said one fan.

“Tom is a right little weasel,” wrote another. “What is Tom’s game? Weird guy,” questioned a third fan.

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Emmerdale - Charles Slams Tom Against The Bar

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