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Emmerdale fans stunned by Isaac’s appearance as he returns to screens

Moira and Cain's son hasn't been seen for a while

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Isaac Dingle appeared in Emmerdale this week for the first time in many months and viewers were left cooing over his appearance.

The youngest child of Cain and Moira Dingle hasn’t been seen since the soap returned to filming after the pandemic.

But he appeared in brief scenes on Monday, February 7 and Tuesday February 8.

And he looks quite different to the little boy we remember!

Emmerdale Moira holds hands with Isaac as they talk to Cain
Isaac is all grown up! (Credit: ITV)

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What happened to Isaac in Emmerdale?

Clutching his mum’s hand last night, Isaac came to see dad Cain who was working on fixing a van.

He’d also appeared on Monday when Faith came to collect him at home.

Viewers were thrilled to see him. And they couldn’t get over how much he’s grown and how cute he looks in his glasses!

“Isaac has grown up so fast,” tweeted one. Others were quick to agree.

The real-life mum of little Bobby Dunsmuir, who plays Isaac, was equally excited to see her boy back on screen.

Emmerdale Moira holds hands with Isaac as they talk to Cain
Isaac is Moira’s son with Cain (Credit: ITV)

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How old is Isaac in Emmerdale? Who are his parents?

Isaac was born in October 2017 to mum Moira, who didn’t even know she was pregnant.

That makes him four years old.

It was quite the dramatic arrival into the world for Isaac when Moira went into labour during a barn fire at Butler’s Farm.

A crate had fallen on her and had her trapped and her only hope was Emma Barton, who hated Moira.

But when Moira blurted out Isaac was Emma’s son Pete’s child, Emma helped Moira escape and delivered the baby.

Emma then snatched the newborn and went missing. But she abandoned him in the church before intending to take her own life.

A DNA test later proved Cain, not Pete, was Isaac’s dad, but he wanted nothing to do with the baby.

Emmerdale Cain is furious to see Ellis and Belle together, Moira tries to calm him down
Cain and Moira are Isaac’s parents (Credit: ITV)

Moira struggled with motherhood, believing she would mess Isaac up as she had done her daughter, Holly, who had died from a drug’s overdose.

She ended up giving Isaac to her son Adam and his wife Victoria to raise as their own.

However, Cain finally stepped up and became a proper father to Isaac.

There was worry when he was diagnosed with a heart murmer, and Moira thought it was her fault.

But the doctors and Cain reassured her he would be fine and it would heal on its own.

Moira finally began to get better and bond with her child.

Moira loses Isaac again

However, after Moira had an affair with Cain’s son Nate and he left her, Moira began drinking.

When she passed out drunk and missed unwell Isaac calling for her all night, Cain banned her from seeing their son.

After one supervised visit to say goodbye, Moira left the village to sort herself out.

She returned and she and Cain eventually reunited, caring for their son together.

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