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Emmerdale: Eve Dingle scenes leave fans surprised and confused

Eve's grown up

Emmerdale aired the reappearance of Eve Dingle last week and she was seen again last night.

But her ‘comeback’ has left them more than a little bit confused after she appeared to age then regress in the course of a week!

Emmerdale Paddy and Eve
Eve was tiny the last time we saw her (Credit: ITV)

Eve’s reappearance

In Wednesday, September 7’s episode of Emmerdale Eve Dingle made a reappearance after not being on screen for ages.

Fans were shocked to see the character, noticing that her appearance had changed  A LOT since the last time they saw her.

Viewers couldn’t get over how different she looks.

Eve was in The Hide with Chas, drawing in her colouring book.

Before this, viewers had only seen her on screen on rare occasions.

The last time, she was tiny but now she’s a proper toddler..

Eve was enjoying time with her mum before being left to her own devices as Chas went to have a conversation with Al.

She was wearing a pink top with a leopard print dungarees, with her hair tied in a ponytail.

She looked so different!

Emmerdale Eve colouring
Eve’s now a toddler (Credit: ITV)

Fans were shocked at Eve’s appearance

Emmerdale fans took to Twitter to share their shock at Eve’s grown-up appearance.

One fan commented: “Wow! Is that Eve? Can’t believe she’s grown up that fast! Last time I saw her she was in the back of a car that was nearly run off the road by Jamie.”

Another joked: “They’ve let Eve out of the prop cupboard!”

A third fan exclaimed: “What! They actually showed Eve.”

Another viewer commented: “Eve was only six months old 20 minutes ago!”

A final fan tweeted: “Wow I spot an Eve! Forgot she existed to be honest”

Emmerdale Chas talks to Eve in her pram
Chas has brought Eve in on her lies – disgusting! (Credit: ITV)

Eve returns again!

On Wednesday September 14 Eve appeared again.

Twice in a week – Emmerdale are spoiling us!

But this time, we didn’t actually catch sight of her face, and she seemed to have regressed to babyhood!

In the cafe, Eve was with Chas in her pushchair. Chas was seen making funny faces at her daughter as the little girl cooed and goo-gooed back.

Chas then told her daughter, whom she had disgustingly taken on a secret rendevous with lover Al, to keep it between them.

“That was a bit of an adventure, wasn’t it? The car breaking down. But we had a fun night, just the two of us,” Chas urged her daughter to lie.

Eve just cooed back.

Emmerdale Chas smiles at Eve in her pushchair
Would Chas’s funny faces make you coo like a baby? (Credit: ITV)

Fans react again

Fans at home were not buying it and questioned Emmerdale on their choice of sound effects for the little girl.

“I’d be worried about three-year-old toddler Eve in, she sounds like a baby and sits perfectly still in a pushchair! My two-year-three-month-old granddaughter wouldn’t sit in the pushchair and would be making sense with her speech!” wrote one.

“How old is Chas and Paddy’s Eve supposed to be?” asked another, adding: “I’m thinking two at the very least. So why do they use ‘newborn’ sound effects for her? By that age kids don’t need baby monitors, the “MUMMMMYYYY!” at the top of their voices usually does the trick!”

A third said: “Eve was a two year old running around last week, now she’s back in a pushchair talking baby language!”

“Eve is nearly three, why have they got her sat in her pram sounding like a baby?” queried another.

Someone else wrote: “Last week Eve was sitting up in a chair drawing pictures looking about two. Now she’s reverted back to a babbling eight-month-old. Make up your mind!”

Emmerdale Eve colouring
Eve was born in 2019 (Credit: ITV)

How old is Eve?

Eve was born on October 23 2019, providing Chas and Paddy with a ray of hope after the death of Grace.

Whilst not being on screen a lot since her birth, Eve is actually almost three years old.

She’ll be celebrating her third birthday next month.

She’s grown up so fast – in some scenes, anyway!

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Emmerdale - Chas and Paddy Have a Healthy Baby Girl

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Tamzin Meyer
Assistant Soap Editor