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Emmerdale fan theory on Gail’s true identity – and evil plot

Is Gail working with Faye?

Mary Goskirk’s world turned upside down in Emmerdale last night (Wednesday, July 19), as her private photo was leaked to everyone in the village.

However, Faye was arrested just before the leak meaning that it would be difficult for her to leak the photo herself.

A new Emmerdale fan theory suggests that Gail could have an evil plot, working with Faye to leak the photo.

Emmerdale's Mary is crying outside
Faye leaked Mary’s photo (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Mary’s private photo was leaked

Last night, Mary went to the police station and told Rhona that she would be withdrawing her statement. Rhona took her to the station and waited for her after to pick her up.

Mary then met up with Faye and told her that she’d done as she asked. Faye showed Mary her phone and it looked as though she’d deleted the private photo of her.

As Faye started to walk away, the police came to arrest her. Mary then revealed that she had recorded their whole conversation on her phone.

Later in the Woolpack, Gail went off to grab some bubbly for Mary as she celebrated getting rid of Faye. However, soon after, everyone in the village received the private, nude photo through to their phones.

Mary was left humiliated as everyone opened up the message and saw the photo.

Ryan talks to Gail on Emmerdale
Emmerdale fans reckon that Gail leaked the photo (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fan theory: Gail working with Faye in evil plot

With Faye having been arrested it’s highly likely that someone else leaked the photo on her behalf.

A new Emmerdale fan theory suggests that Gail is working with Faye, having leaked the photo when she went to grab the bubbly.

One fan predicted: “So Faye must be working with someone… odds on it being Gail?”

Another fan added to the theory, tweeting: “Is it me or did Gail seem a bit odd in that scene? What if she’s Faye’s daughter or accomplice?”

Did Gail leak the photo? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Did Gail leak the photo?

We don’t know much about Gail but we do know that Mary recently took over her job in the Woolpack kitchen.

But, could she be working with Faye? Was Gail the one to leak the photo?

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Emmerdale - Mary's Naked Photo Is Exposed To Everyone

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