EastEnders' Whitney is staring into the distance and, in a bubble, Zack is looking down

EastEnders spoilers: Whitney and Zack crumble as they collect Peach’s ashes

Whitney and Zack have a hard time saying their final goodbyes

In EastEnders spoilers for next week, Whitney and Zack crumble as they collect Peach’s ashes in one last goodbye to their daughter.

The parents clash as Zack’s left to collect Peach’s ashes on his own.

How will Whitney and Zack cope in EastEnders?

Whitney goes back to work (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Whitney returns to work

Grieving Whitney isn’t ready to return to work yet but after learning that she’s not entitled to any extra time off, she has no choice.

Next week, Whitney has her first day back at the market but is instantly wounded as she faces hearing Mother’s Day conversations.

She tries to keep herself distracted with work which seems to be working well.

However, she’s soon drowning in her grief once more when she’s informed that Peach’s ashes are ready to collect.

Whitney’s heart-broken as Zack tries to support her, not wanting to hear him out.

She then blames everyone for making her go back to work when she wasn’t ready to.

Later on, as Zack manages to talk to Whitney, Whitney reveals that she just can’t bring herself to say goodbye to Peach.

But, will she go to collect Peach’s ashes with Zack?

Zack and Whitney talk outside the Queen Vic on EastEnders (Credit: BBC)
Zacks collects Peach’s ashes alone (Credit: BBC)

Whitney and Zack crumble over Peach’s ashes

Zack suggests to Whitney that they hold a memorial for Peach but she’s not open to the idea.

They both decide to collect Peach’s ashes together, turning to each other for support.

However, Whitney soon finds herself distracted as Lily has a health scare.

She’s desperate to make sure that Lily’s baby is okay.

With Whitney missing the chance to pick up Peach’s ashes, Zack collects them by himself.

Sitting with his daughter’s ashes, he’s completely devastated.

Later on, Zack rows with Whitney as he confronts her about making him go to pick up her ashes alone.

Will Zack be able to forgive Whitney for making him go alone?

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