EastEnders spoilers tonight: Lexi’s heartbreaking question leaves Lola looking for answers

Lola has no answers for Lexi

EastEnders spoilers tonight have revealed that a heartbreaking question from Lexi and Kim leaves Lola searching for answers.

As Lola and Jay make wedding preparations, questions are raised about Lola’s own mother and why she left.

What will Lola tell Lexi?

And, in other EastEnders spoilers tonight, Chelsea tries to arrange a date with Ravi, while disapproving mum Denise tries to stop it from happening.

Meanwhile, a bash at The Vic backfires on Alfie, leaving Linda furious.

Elsewhere, Whitney is a bag of nerves as she waits for the baby’s test results.

Read our EastEnders spoilers tonight below.

Lexi and Lola sitting together on the sofa on EastEnders
Lexi’s curiosity stirs something inside of Lola (Credit: BBC)

Lola has no answers for Lexi

Kim and Lola are organising the guest list for Lola’s hen do.

Kim inadvertently touches a nerve when she asks about Lola’s mum.

The issue is then raised again later when Lexi also asks about Lola’s mother.

When she asks why she left, Lola is unable to answer.

What will she tell Lexi?

Meanwhile, Ben and Jay discuss who will be best man at the wedding.

What will Jay decide to do?

Jay and Ben talk in the cafe on EastEnders
Who will be best man at Jay and Lola’s wedding? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers tonight: Chelsea tries to pin Ravi down for a date

Elsewhere, Chelsea asks Denise to watch Jordan.

She tells her that she wants to go on a date with Ravi.

But when he bumps into Denise later on, she warns him off Chelsea again.

Later, Chelsea tries to lure Ravi into No.1 for ‘a drink.’

But will she succeed?

Will Chelsea get her man?

Alfie, wearing a hawaaian shirt, tries to comfort an upset Linda on EastEnders
Alfie’s ‘summer party’ inadvertently upsets grieving Linda (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers tonight: Alfie’s party plans upset Linda

Alfie gets the bright idea of throwing a summer party at The Vic to boost sales and lift people’s spirits.

When Kim tells Sharon that The Vic is open, Sharon makes a call.

Alfie’s party is going well until Linda bursts in.

As Sharon takes Annie and Ollie back to hers, Linda explodes.

She accuses Alfie and the rest of the neighbours of not caring about Mick’s death.

Can Alfie make things right with Linda?

The results are in for Zack and Whitney

Elsewhere, Zack is desperate to know the baby’s test results, following his recent HIV reveal.

Anxious, he asks Sonia if she’s heard anything.

News of Zack’s worries get back to Whitney.

She wonders if she should give him another chance.

She too, is a bag of nerves, especially after she gets a text from the clinic about the baby’s test results.

Zack offers to support her as she opens it.

Whitney thanks him, but tells him that it would be best if he kept his distance.

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