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EastEnders spoilers: Jack’s horror, Dot’s funeral plans, and Mick’s dilemma

Jack gets a worrying phone call

In EastEnders spoilers for tonight (Monday, December 5 2022) it’s reveal that Jack is horrified when he finds Amy being taken into an ambulance.

Meanwhile Sonia begins to plan Dot’s funeral, and Janine starts to worry that Mick has been spending more time with Linda.

All this and more in tonight’s EastEnders.

Jack gets a phone call (Credit: BBC)

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There’s a tense atmosphere at No.27 as Jack tries to find out if he will lose his job.

Meanwhile Amy is feeling guilty about reporting Jack’s attack on Denzel, but Denise tries to reassure her.

Jack asks a hostile Howie to allow Denzel and Amy to hang out again, but Howie quickly shuts him down.

Kim insists to Howie that he needs to start building bridges with Jack, but he tells her his concerns.

At the Vic, Jack and Denise convince Howie that Amy is getting lots of support. Eventually he agrees to let Denzel see her.

Later Denzel finds Amy in the café and they have a heart-to-heart, but they’re soon interrupted by Nugget.

He mistakenly tells Amy that Jack has been fired.

At home, an upset Amy self-harms.

Meanwhile Jack gets a call to say Amy missed her therapy session.

Worried, Jack and Denise rush outside and see an ambulance loading Amy in.

Jack promises Amy everything will be okay as they leave. Will Amy be okay?

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Sonia upset as she looks at a photo of Dot
Martin offers to help Sonia (Credit: BBC)

Sonia starts to plan Dot’s funeral

Martin visits Sonia who has been up most of the night looking at photos of Dot.

He offers to help her plan Dot’s funeral with Reverend Mills, but she tells him she will be okay.

During her chat with the Vicar, Sonia seeks reassurance that Dot is in heaven as they discuss how her faith gave her comfort.

But during their meeting Dotty bursts in and Sonia despairs over what to do.

Janine is furious with Mick (Credit: BBC)

Janine’s suspicions grow

Janine arranges lunch at Walford East for Ricky and Mick to get to know each other.

However Mick turns up late and Janine is furious.

Mick soon wins Ricky over. Ricky is convinced that Janine doesn’t need to worry about Linda.

When they return to The Vic, Shirley tells Janine that Linda called in sick and she becomes convinced Mick was late because he was with his ex-wife.

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