EastEnders spoilers

EastEnders spoilers: Next week revealed in all-new pictures

Gray is left shaken

EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Zack ends things with Nancy.

Meanwhile Gray is left shaken when Chelsea discovers something in his car, and Jean supports Ruby as she goes for her procedure.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders.

EastEnders spoilers: Next week

1. Zack ends things with Nancy

Zack from EastEnders is warned off by Mick Carter

Nancy and Zack accidentally fall asleep but she manages to hurry him out before anyone sees.

She has a run in with Mick and Frankie and later Mick wants to know which one of them is sneaking around.

Mick storms into the gym and demands Zack ends things with his daughter, forcing Zack to tell Sharon he was involved in Nancy’s hit and run.

He goes to see Nancy and reluctantly breaks things off leaving her heartbroken.

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Nancy seeks comfort in Mick, who knows it’s his fault.

Nancy tells her family she wants to go travelling again, and Linda is furious to hear what happened with Zack.

Frankie encourages Mick to go after her. Linda arrives at the gym and confronts Zack, firing him from The Vic.

2. Bernie feels guilty

Karen tries to fix things with her kids, but Bernie bites back and tells her about Tiff’s fillers, leaving Keegan less than pleased.

Later Karen has everyone over for lunch. Bernie and Keegan work out their differences.

When Keegan explains he told Karen about the surrogacy because he was worried, she feels guilty about the pills.

3. Tiffany begins to struggle

Meanwhile Keegan sees that Tiff is trying to make some extra cash. She asks if they can move on, but he isn’t ready to forgive.

Whitney sees Tiff packing up her necklace to sell for some extra cash.

She offers to help Tiff out, but she’s adamant she needs to sort it herself.

Tiffany is stressed about her graduation party and Keegan feels for her, offering her some money to buy a new dress.

Tiffany’s insecurities take over again.

A comment on her social page gets to Tiff. Instead of making her feel better, Whitney inadvertedly makes Tiffany think she needs more work done.

4. Chelsea takes the kids out

Karen comments that Chelsea should make more of an effort with the kids.

Gray suggests Chelsea takes the kids shopping as Mia needs a new dress for her birthday.

At the market, Chelsea neglects the kids forcing Whitney and Keegan to step up.

Whitney offers to fix Mia’s old dress for her party free of charge.

5. Chelsea makes a discovery in Gray’s car

Later Mia shows off her dress as Karen is forced to admit she may have been wrong about Chelsea.

Chelsea’s hold on Gray grows as she convinces him to skive off work.

They meet her friend with a van full of dresses as she needs an outfit for court.

Gray realises the dresses are stolen but Chelsea sweet talks out of it, leading them to having some fun in the back of his car.

Chelsea in EastEnders finds an earring in Gray's car

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Chelsea spots an earring in Gray’s car. Gray is left shaken when he realises it was Tina’s.

6. Jean steps in to support Ruby

Ruby is packing for her operation and Lily reminds Martin she has the dentist. Ruby tells Martin to prioritise his daughter.

Jean sees Ruby later and insists they go to the hospital together.

Once the procedure is done, Martin is surprised and thankful to Jean for being there.

Ruby returns home and offers Jean money to help out, but Jean declines.

Jean takes Ruby’s to hers suggesting they do face masks. However Kat isn’t so keen.

They enjoy some much needed relaxation as Ruby admits she never had fun like this with her own mum.

However things take a turn when Jean gets a call.

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